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D.Va build guide

Is there a better character for a gamer than an actual gamer? People from Blizzard did just that, and today, I’m giving you D.Va build guide so that you can play a game with this gamer.

She comes from the Overwatch universe, and while there she is a tank, in Heroes of the Storm she can be played as a front line bruiser, so tanking should be left to someone who better fits the role.

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D.Va, the MEKA Pilot


  • Good initiating skills
  • Can prevent enemy heroes from dealing a lot of damage with Defense Matrix
  • Self-Destruct has excellent zoning and damage potential
  • Mobility can be quite decent when Boosters are on
  • Has pretty high skill ceiling


  • Extremely slow whole Boosters are on cooldown
  • Knockback from Boosters is the only form of crowd control
  • Not particularly useful in clearing waves
  • Easy to kill while in pilot mode
  • Hard learning curve
  • Requires handling two diametrically opposite playstyles

In case that you think that Miss D.Va is for you, there are tips necessary for a good game, and here they are.

  • The usage of Boosters is twofold. You can either initiate the fight or use it to peel off the opposing heroes attacking your Assassin.
  • Although Defense Matrix is rather good ability to keep the incoming damage under control, bear in mind that it will affect only opposing heroes. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste it on Mercenary Camps and minions. Moreover, wait to use it on the enemy assassins, and to scale down their high damage.
  • It is true that Self-Destruct has massive AoE, see to use it with other movement-impairing abilities. To do so, coordinate with your team members.
  • Va’s Bunny Hop is best used defensively since it renders her unstoppable. This is great for the beginning of a battle when all abilities are usually dished out.
  • When in pilot mode, try to hit as many opponents as possible with Big Shot since it will reduce the cooldown of Call Mech.
  • There are two types of heroes which can cause you trouble. The first are those with strong disabling tools, such as Muradin or Malfurion. They will stop D.Va in her tracks, and while she recovers, it will be already too late.
  • The second group is those Assassins who feature considerable poke, CC and gap closers. Of those, Zeratul and Alarak are featuring all of that, so keep an eye out for these two.

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