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Dehaka build guide


If you ever heard about StarCraft Universe made by Blizzard, then you know that it is a vicious, wild and brutal world. Simply put, only the strongest survive there, and one such is our hero for today. Let me guide you through the world of the Primal Zerg with this Dehaka build guide.


Played as melee Warrior or off-tank in Heroes of the Storm, Dehaka has great ganking potential and can endure and survive a lot of things which are thrown at him. Naturally, he is not indestructible but has a lot to offer.


“Kill the enemy, collect their essence”

Dehaka, the Primal Pack Leader


  • Potent self-healing and good sustain
  • Very useful tool for repositioning the enemy heroes
  • Can’t be body-blocked while Dark Swarm is active
  • Amazing mobility via Brushstalker
  • Burrow pushes survivability even further, making him able to avoid massive damage


  • Doesn’t have a good gap-closing ability
  • Can be kited rather easily
  • Both Isolation and Drag are skillshots
  • Mobility is not impressive while Brushstalker is on cooldown

If this is your favorite meme from our dear Bear Grylls, then Dehaka might be a perfect hero for you. Since, he, you know… loves to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Especially to adapt. Anyhow, here are tips and tricks for this fellow (I mean Dehaka, of course. Not Bear Grylls. He’s not in this game. Yet. 😉 ).

  • Never underestimate the significance of positioning. EVER! I mean, you can be out of position once or twice while playing Johanna or Muradin, but if you are Li-Ming, boy that will hurt! This is precisely what you need to do. Squishy backline Assassins are your primary targets. Of course, if they feature counter mechanics such as Tracer’s Recall, don’t waste your time, and go for support instead.
  • The mechanics of Essence Collection is rather simple. You stack it, and it heals you when needed. However, try to have it full before entering a teamfight. Other ways of healing such as fountains or by support should be used during laning phase of the game.
  • In case that you cannot displace the opposing Assassin which is obliterating your team, try hitting it with Isolation. It will dramatically reduce its field of vision, and it is kind of funny looking at him, wandering around, and not having the slightest clue where he is.
  • If the opposing team is focusing you more than your allies, you should probably go with Adaptation. Still, it doesn’t make you immortal, and if you get close to dying, remember that Burrow is a lifesaver.

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