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Diablo build guide

For twenty-two years, people are fighting hordes of evil to reach the Chaos Sanctuary and try to kill Diablo. It is no surprise then that this hero made his appearance in Heroes of the Storm. Here, he is played as an aggressive warrior. Thus, this Diablo build guide will help you to understand him better.

So, this is it boys and gals. The Big Guy. The Lord of Terror. The ultimate nemesis. This hero is one of the best-known antagonists which went over the boundaries of a game franchise, which bears his name. I represent you, Diablo!

“The Prime Evils will consume this world!”

Diablo, the Lord of Terror


  • Huge health pool
  • Great mixture of defensive and flexible talents and abilities
  • Big size makes him effective in body blocking
  • Good in peeling the opposing heroes
  • Several disrupt and interrupting abilities
  • His Hero Trait, Black Soulstone can revive him in 5 seconds


  • Not very good at escaping
  • Sieging and clearing Mercenary Camps are not his stronger traits
  • Lightning Breath is the only reliable ranged ability

If you decided to grab the bull by the horns (pun intended), you would need some tips about it, don’t you? I got you covered.

  • The most important thing you have to learn when playing Diablo is that you must make combos. For example, close in with Shadow Charge, and follow with Overpower. This is your most potent weapon, and learn to use it effectively.
  • If Black Soulstone revives you, keep in mind that you will lose its stacks, which means that your health pool will be reduced by 40%. Add stacks to increase this number.
  • Apocalypse is excellent for counter-initiating. Since it deals damage, it will cause enemy heroes to lose a second or two which can be precious to you.
  • If it seems that the opposing hero is preparing a crowd-control ability, cast Lightning Breath since it makes you Unstoppable.
  • Although your task is to reach back line heroes, be careful since some of them can counter you rather well. Raynor probably won’t miss his Penetrating Round at point-blank distance and can disturb your combo chain. On the other hand, Malthael is very effective in dealing with high-health heroes, so watch him.

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