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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Dragon Shire

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Dragon Shire

What kind of game would this be, if there aren’t any dragons, right? Well, there is Alexstrasza, but still, the more, the merrier, if you ask me. Therefore, people from Blizzard had made a map where you can become a Dragon Knight. How fun is that?! This is Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide, and this map is called the Dragon Shire (without Hobbits, of course).

About the map

  •     Size: Medium
  •     No. of lanes: 3
  •     Realm: King’s Crest (Nexus)

Objective and tips:

The objective of the Dragon Shire is the variety of “capture the point” approach. The primary goal is to control two shrines and unlock the Dragon Knight who is dormant in the middle of the map. Now, this sounds easy, but in fact, it isn’t.


90 seconds after the match has started the shrines will activate. Now, after the Knight is killed, it takes 2 minutes for new shrines to appear. Considering this, it is clear that central figure of this game is the Dragon Knight, but the shrines are important as well.


Because of three points of interest, this map requires a team to have nearly perfect coordination and communication. If you have your team to play with, go with this map, but if you prefer to be teamed up with unknown people, things might be slightly challenging.


There are many strategies and anti-strategies, but two things remain the same. Map awareness here is an absolute must. If you can track the opponent, you can adjust your positioning and countering. For example, you have taken top shrine, and if you don’t know if the enemy will retake that one from you, invade bottom, or ambush your ally in the middle, things might go south rather fast.


The second thing is percentage dealing damage. Those heroes who can provide you with this are the best counter for the Dragon Knight, due to his high health pool.


Speaking of which, once both shrines are captured, one player channels at the Dragon statue, and becomes the Dragon himself. He can control it now, and to push whichever lane is needed. Make sure that you support your ally, and keep him alive long enough to be useful.

Recommended heroes:

  • Leoric – percentage-based damage, someone said? Well, the King of Skeletons is perhaps the best there is in this field. He is also quite tanky and easy to play, so it is obvious why he is such a good choice for the Dragon Shire.
  • Zagara – as with my Blackheart’s Bay guide, I can’t think of any other hero better in providing map awareness than Zagara. Also, she can solo Mercenary Camps, which can provide additional pressure to lanes.
  • Junkrat – being able to hit targets behind a cover makes Junkrat very useful on this map. Mayhem and displacing opponents are his MO, and it simply shines on this battleground. Enemy taking a shrine? Lemme show him a thing or two!

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