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E.T.C. build guide

If I love something about Blizzard, it’s the sense of nostalgia which they keep bringing on. When this hero came out, I thought “What, a Tauren hero, not a big deal.” However, it IS a big deal. There’s a band called Elite Tauren Chieftain (E.T.C. abbreviated) who made this song. Feeling that nostalgia kicking in? This is E.T.C. build guide.

Played as tanky melee Warrior, E.T.C. is a beginner’s choice for many players in Heroes of the Storm. So, if you are a metalhead as I am, plug in the guitar, and let’s shred!

“They can’t stop me, let ’em try!”

E.T.C., the Rock God


  • Cannot be ganked or killed easily
  • Great set of crowd control and interrupting abilities
  • Has some AoE buffs
  • Heroic abilities are flexible to choose from


  • AoE damage is not very good
  • Has to be positioned well to be effective
  • His playstyle can be predicted

So, if our metal bull seems like a good choice, it means that he probably is. However, let me give you a few tips on this matter.

  • Keep in mind your primary role. E.T.C. is played as a frontline hero who seeks an opportunity to stun or disable the opposing hero. Also, you need to look for the chance to keep the enemy away from your damage dealing allies. Powerslide and Face Melt are great for this purpose.
  • Since Rockstar (not a company which made GTA) will give you nice armor boost, feel free to use Guitar Solo whenever the need occurs.
  • Stage Dive has a global range, which is very handy when you are chasing the opposing hero, or you need to put additional pressure on a different lane as soon as possible. Also, it is great for soaking more experience.
  • Mosh Pit is one of the best CC abilities in the whole game. Therefore, don’t use it right away, since it can be interrupted and thus wasted. Instead, wait for the opposing team to use the most of its interrupting abilities.
  • Although E.T.C. doesn’t have particular heroes who are countering him, there are some such as Valla who can avoid his initiating ability and kite him effectively. Also, Leoric shines against heroes who have a lot of health.
  • Turn up this song to eleven while playing E.T.C.

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