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Fenix build guide


After announcement and spotlight, here’s Fenix build guide. I can’t remember that I have been so excited to try a hero. Finally, I got the chance, and here are the results. Let’s get straight to business, chop, chop! This is going to be fun, I promise!


As I said in previous articles, Fenix is a ranged Assassin, coming from StarCraft universe. The developers of Heroes of the Storm gave him a unique shield which regenerates in time. And also, they have turned on the coolness as well.


“My spirit cannot be conquered!”

Fenix, Steward of the Templar


  • Great poke which also has AoE
  • Can efficiently clear waves from a distance
  • Solo capturing Mercenary Camps is not a problem for Fenix
  • Warp is an amazing repositioning tool
  • Has brilliant self-sustain via Shield Capacitor


  • Doesn’t have good crowd control
  • Supports cannot heal the shield
  • Blink can be interrupted
  • Fenix must retreat to regenerate Shield Capacitor

Tips and tricks are essential for every hero, not just those newly released. Luckily, I got you covered in this matter.

  • Keep in mind that you should swap between Phase Bomb and Repeater Cannon as needed. Of course, Plasma Cutter is the best preparation for Phase Bomb, so try to combine these two.
  • Your unique shield gives you an excellent harassing potential. Since it will regenerate, and the enemy will have to leave the lane to heal, use this to gain the upper hand. Keep an eye out for the amount of shield remaining. Therefore, try not get your health lowered.
  • Repeater Cannon is great for isolated targets, so use it for such purpose. Hence, towers, isolated heroes, and Mercenaries are targets suited for this.
  • Warp is your only mean of escape. Therefore, don’t use it except when needed. Being on cooldown and not having it when needed can cost you a lot.
  • If you choose Purification Salvo, always prepare the field with Plasma Cutter, due to its slowing properties.
  • On the other hand, if you want to deliver an insane amount of damage with Planet Cracker, always consider your team composition. For this purpose, E.T.C. and Arthas are pretty solid choices regarding CC, which you will need a lot for this Heroic ability.

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