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Fenix spotlight is here!

Fenix spotlight is here!

So, it was only a few days ago when Blizzard announced the new character in Heroes of the Storm, and today, we are bringing you a bit more info on this matter. So, strap up and let’s see what to expect according to this Fenix spotlight.


Okay, I’ll admit it, I have missed a few things in my last article, but don’t be harsh on me. I said that I believe that Fenix will be Warrior class, and it turned out to be an Assassin. However, I said so simply because there are so many assassins already, that I thought it would be fair from Blizzard to give us more choices in the warrior field. Not to mention Supports.

So, what Fenix is going to be like?

As we can see from that beautiful Fenix spotlight video posted above, he sports some rather interesting abilities. But let’s get one step at a time, shall we?



  • We can expect good sustain
  • To be good in poke or trading
  • Relies on basic attack



  • Won’t be able to sustain burst damage
  • Like the majority of Assassins, not very fond of crowd control


TraitShield Capacitor – an automated shield which is added on top of Fenix’s health. It regenerates if your Protoss isn’t taking damage for a few seconds. This is pretty unique shield mechanics, so I can’t wait to see how it will work.



QPlasma Cutter – the thing is simple, you decide on the diameter of the circle, and laser plasma cutter makes a few rounds around you. The good thing is that you can move while it does its job. And it also slows enemies.


WRepeater Cannon or Phase Bomb – this will be an ability which will require some skill to be used efficiently. So, either go with the first basic attack which is faster, or switch to bomb with more extended range and area damage.


EWarp – works like Zeratul’s Blink. Tap E, click, and you are there. Good for chasing opponents or repositioning.


R1 Purification Salvo – tap R, mark all enemy heroes in your vicinity and it will fire five projectiles to each target. Will be great for clustered enemies.


R2Planet Cracker – You can guess three times what this will be. Huge. Global. Laser beam. The downside is that you will need someone to lock the targets in place to prevent them from evading. Also, you can’t move while firing, but you can cancel it.



So, when we consider this info, we can say that Fenix will be an exciting addition to this roster. Not so nimble Assassin (still can’t get over the fact that he is not a Warrior), but with the adjustable kit which can offer a lot.


Of course, we still need to wait for the hero to be released, but as soon as he becomes available, I’ll try it out and will update this Fenix spotlight presentation accordingly, if something changes. As always, expect Fenix build guide real soon, so stay tuned.

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