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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Garden of Terror

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Garden of Terror

Well, when it comes to creating new worlds, Blizzard really takes things seriously. Take Garden of Terror as an example. It is from the same realm as the Dragon Shire, but little is known about this world, besides a few facts here and there. Still, it’s a whole new universe of Heroes of the Storm. This makes things more interesting.

About the map:

Objective and tips:

You would expect to gather flowers in the garden, to watch bees buzzing around and overall having a joyful day. Well, in Garden of Terror you do collect things. But, those things are seeds which are used for summoning a huge Garden Terror (thus the name). Intrigued?


At 3 minute mark, objectives will begin to spawn. Namely, this map has a day/night mechanics, which means that during the day the garden looks normal, and you do what would be in done on every map. Push lane, soak experience and try to get a kill or two, the usual stuff.


Once the night falls, everything changes. Shamblers will appear throughout the map, and your task is to kill them and gather seeds which will drop. Once you collect 100 seeds, a pod near your Nexus will open. This means that one of you will have to enter it, and take control over Garden Terror.


Now, this vehicle works similarly to Dragon Knight. It excels in crowd control and support, so it might be a good idea for a Support or Specialist to take it. Of course, the rest of the team should help it and push the lane together.


When it comes to strategies, teamwork is crucial as on every map. However, since you will be killing neutrals, it would be wise to have one or two heroes who can clear them fast. Moreover, those who can’t be ganked easily are also good.


Stealing seeds from your enemies can work well, but you have to be careful with this approach. Namely, if you can see that only one enemy is clearing Shamblers, and you know that you can deal with him, wait for the fight to draw to an end, and then invade. This will reduce your effort, and you can even get a kill if you are good enough.

Recommended heroes:

  • Cho’gall – an attractive choice for this map. Although Cho’gall is a bit difficult to play, it pays off since Cho can control Garden Terror, and Gall remains active the whole time. This significantly improves the damage output of the Terror.
  • Tassadar – with only a few heroes which can counter him, the Savior of the Templar is more than obvious choice for Garden of Terror. With excellent vision abilities and being a hard counter for those sneaky little heroes (or Assassinses, import Gollum meme here). He can be very useful in preventing the opponent stealing seeds from you.
  • Stitches – our big guy is somewhat tricky to be efficiently ganked without risk, so this is the main reason for choosing him. Next, his high health pool and decent damage make him well-equipped for dealing with both opponents and Shamblers, which results in victory in Garden of Terror.

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