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Garrosh build guide

There are heroes who see to avoid fighting whenever it is possible. Others are not so bold and use their brains instead of brawns. But not this Orc. This Garrosh build guide revolves around one of the most famous leaders of the Horde.

Garrosh’s position in Heroes of the Storm didn’t change much. He is resilient, challenging to kill frontline hero who can influence the shape of the battle. Oh yes, and he has an axe. Have you ever seen an Orc without one?

“That’s what you get for defying your Warchief!”

Garrosh, Son of Hellscream


  • Can shrug off a lot of damage, since his Armor Up adds up resistance as the health is getting lower
  • Garrosh’s Into the Fray and Wrecking Ball (no Miley Cyrus reference, please) can change the location of both allies and opponents
  • A lot of choices of building; can fit almost any team composition
  • Very good at ganking the opposing heroes
  • Extremely good initiator
  • Amazingly high skill ceiling


  • Tricky to master, because of many choices and different playstyles
  • Mobility is troublesome, and it cannot be increased
  • Easy to be kited, especially by ranged assassins
  • Has low damage early in the game, and it doesn’t improve much later

So, if you wish to grab an axe and charge the frontline, that’s great, you will love this hero, but still, bear in mind following tips which are the most important part of this Garrosh build guide.

  • Armor Up is the most important ability, so learn to rely on it as soon as possible. For me, it was perhaps the toughest thing to do. Watching your health bar dropping and pushing aside the urge to retreat can be difficult, but after a few games, you will get used to it.
  • Don’t use Bloodthirst at the beginning of the battle. When the course of the battle is struggling, use it then for higher healing and increased chances to win the fight.
  • Getting used to Wrecking Ball can be tricky since Garrosh will automatically grab the closest hero. If needed, use Warlord’s Challenge first, so that the hero will approach you as close as possible if he is attacking at close range.
  • Decimate is a fantastic tool for clearing waves. Use this one if you need to press the lane more, or to clear built-up opposing minions.
  • Heroes such as Valla can slip from your abilities fast and can kite you while dealing a lot of damage. Therefore, if it is possible, don’t chase them, unless you have some fast-moving heroes such as Genji beside you.
  • Tychus is also a dangerous foe to face in battle. He can dash to avoid your Groundbreaker, and his Minigun adds damage according to your health.

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