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Gazlowe build guide

It may sound a bit unfair, but I don’t like Goblins. On the other hand, I don’t like Gnomes either. It could be because WarCraft was for me always a matter of sword and magic, rather than robots and sniper rifles. However, this Gazlowe build guide will prove how wrong I was.

Heroes of the Storm have some pretty exciting characters; there’s no arguing about that. Our guy Gazlowe here is one such. He is a Goblin Specialist, best used for sieging (with so many Specialists good in this role, I think why Blizzard doesn’t rename them to Siegers?) and zoning enemies.

“Never mess with a goblin, when death is on the line!”

Gazlowe, the Boss of Ratchet


  • Amazing zoning capabilities
  • Can have high sustained damage
  • Pretty good at sieging
  • Capable of soloing Mercenary Camps
  • Grav-O-Bomb 3000 is an excellent base for building up combos


  • Not very good at surviving
  • Limited focused damage
  • Needs to set up before dealing maximum damage
  • The whole team must follow his lead
  • Any high-damage ranged hero can counter him

If your favorite race in World of WarCraft is Goblin with its trinkets and bits, Gazlowe will be your next favorite hero. Still, here are some tips on how to be effective.

  • As with all unique heroes, always be aware of your surroundings. Especially if the enemy team has ranged high damage heroes such as Nova, Greymane or Nazeebo. They are useful in outranging you, and there is nothing you can do to parry. Instead, ask your team to help.
  • If you need something to tank the damage for you, Rock-It! Turret is excellent for this purpose. Gazlowe’s soloing Mercenary Camps potential is because of this ability.
  • Whenever turret breaks down, always pick up scraps, since Break it Down! will make your cooldowns fly by.
  • Deth Lazor is a fantastic damage dealer, but since you are prone to crowd control, see to channel it when there are not many enemies nearby.
  • As I said, Grav-O-Bomb 3000 is excellent for setting up the combos, but if you follow with Xplodium Charge, you will get some crowd control as well.

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