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Genji build guide

Let me ask you one thing. What is better than a ninja? A ROBOTIC ninja, of course! This time, we’re dealing with Hanzo’s baby brother, and this is Genji build guide. Sit back and relax, this is gonna be one hell of a ride!


Like his brother, Genji comes from the world of Overwatch. Our dashing archer was forced to kill his brother (or at least he thought so), but this story would be boring, so Genji was “enhanced” and turned into robotic/cyborg ninja who wreaks havoc with his katana and shuriken.


In Heroes of the Storm, he is played as typical “glass cannon” which means high damage, and too few health to endure close combat.

“The Dragon and I are one!”

Genji Shimada


  • Insanely mobile hero
  • Rather good in poking (not on Facebook)
  • Enjoyment to watch
  • His Swift Strike reset mana and cooldown on killing


  • His learning curve is rather high
  • Not particularly useful in clearing waves
  • Low HP
  • Demands heavy healing

It is clear that Genji is challenging to play, less to master. However, since we all love badass cyborg ninja, here are a few tips on how to play him better.

  • The most important thing about being good as Genji is, to be honest with yourself. If you are beginner player, my advice is to try him out, when he is on free rotation, and see if his style fits you. Of course, first few games I usually recommend to play with A.I., just to see how it is working.
  • Swift Strike and Cyber Agility are great tools for setting up ganks. Since the terrain is no obstacle for those, see to coordinate with your teammate, to draw enemy hero closer to you.
  • As with all ninja, you have to think and plan when going in-game as Genji. Remember: your primary targets are backline assassins. Those have small health pool as you do, but you have the power to obliterate them, reset cooldown, and continue attacking.
  • Deflect works on towers as well. You’re welcome.
  • Genji’s abilities need a lot of mana, that’s a fact. Therefore, do not engage opposing team if you have less than ½ of it.
  • Of all champions, Lunara and Varian are perhaps the best counter for Genji. The first will continue to spam you with poison, and since there is no way to clear it, she will take quite a chunk of your health. As for Varian, regardless of his build, he’ll find a way to disrupt your combo chain, whether that be with Taunt or Charge.

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