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Greymane build guide

When World of WarCraft: Cataclysm brought new Worgen race, I was so hyped because I loved the idea of playing as a werewolf. The king of Gilneas was so badass that Blizzard had to include him in Heroes of the Storm. Welcome to Greymane build guide, and let’s howl to the Moon, shall we?

Played as an Assassin, Greymane has dual nature which nicely reflects his human/beast feature, and is undoubtedly fun to play. So, if you love to shoot the opposing hero from a distance and then dive in for the kill, King Genn Greymane is for you.

“At last, i spill your putrid blood”

Greymane, the Lord of the Worgen


  • Pretty useful in clearing waves
  • His poke can be painful
  • Strong duelist
  • Shines regarding burst damage
  • Can have high PvE damage output


  • Utility kit doesn’t have much to offer besides pure damage
  • Doesn’t shine regarding survivability
  • Have to dive in to be useful

If you love werewolves as I do, then without a doubt this hero will be for you. Naturally, I’ll give you some tips to be more efficient.

  • There aren’t many skillshots when playing Greymane. However, Gilnean Cocktail has higher damage in a cone behind the point of impact. To use this to your advantage, you can hit towers, minions and other objects to damage heroes hiding behind them.
  • When Inner Beast is activated, you will want to continue melee attack. By doing so, you can prolong its duration, which ultimately increases your damage output. Keep in mind that you can hit targets other than heroes.
  • Keep an eye out for heroes with low health. Once the number drops enough, the marker will appear above them, which means that Go for the Throat will kill them. This is useful because if you take down an enemy with this ability, it will refresh its cooldown. Did somebody say killing chain?
  • If you have to evade skillshot or AoE ability quickly, tap that Q and use Razor Swipe to both get out of the way and damage the opposing hero.
  • At the beginning of the fight, see to toss in a few Cursed Bullets. Those deal damage according to the current health of the target, so if you manage to hit let’s say Stitches, it will be painful.
  • Look out for heroes with strong targeted CC abilities. For example, Uther or Xul can stop you in your tracks, which makes you a sitting duck for the opposing team.

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