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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Hanamura

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Hanamura

Since Blizzard decided to make this beautiful mixture of all of their games and give it name Heroes of the Storm, every major title they made is present here. When it comes to Overwatch, our map from today is from this universe and is called Hanamura. It sounds Japanese, and it has that flare of samurai and ninjas. So, let’s see what is it all about, shall we?

About the map:

Objective and tips:

So far, most of the maps in Heroes of the Storm have more or less the same mechanics. Collect this to influence that, or capture an objective to do something with it. Now, Hanamura brings something entirely new. Its unique game mechanics are the reason on why it is disabled for now, and only available in the Custom game mod.


To begin with Cores, you can’t damage them through standard methods. So, there’s no use in pushing the lane all the way up. You need to time your effort, but for other cause. Instead, there are two spawn points on each side of the map where Payloads will spawn, and travel down the defined road.


Now, if any of heroes are nearby, it will move toward the goal. If not, it will pause for a while, and then start going back. Naturally, if there are more heroes in its vicinity, it will move faster. This creates situations where you need to decide whether to bring your Payload quicker or to slow down your opponents.


Once it reaches the destination, Payload will transform into a cannon which will fire upon the Core. This is where things become even more complicated. If you manage to destroy one or more Forts, next time Payload fires, it will have increased number of shots, according to the number of Forts which are destroyed.


Thus, coordination must be perfect on Hanamura. Heroes who are good at sieging are very useful on this map because of Fort bonus. Also, those who are agile killers capable of killing enemies fast will be able to stall opposing Payloads.


Camps and points on Hanamura:

There are four different types of Camps, and when each is cleared, it will give different abilities.

  • Recon Camps will give usable token which will reveal close by heroes.
  • Fortification Camp provides Turret which can be placed
  • Support Camps as the name suggests will provide healing and mana regeneration.
  • Mega Enforcer damages the opposing Core but is tough to kill.

 Recommended heroes:

  • Varian – our king has plenty of choices when it comes to builds. His primary purpose can be to either endure long fights or to bring down enemies quickly. Don’t forget about his Shattering Throw.
  • Genji – with the ability to traverse obstacles fast and strong killing potential, it is clear why Genji works well on Hanamura. Jumping out of nowhere with an ally, killing one or two enemies and stalling the Payload can cost a lot.
  • Azmodan – I did say that sieging heroes will be useful, didn’t I? And few are better than our bad guy here. Hitting opposing Forts from afar is his MO, so use it to its fullest.

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