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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Haunted Mines

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Haunted Mines

Every good concept starts with an idea. And sometimes, those ideas might seem reused and recycled, but if you look carefully, you will see that it is not as you thought. This is the case with Haunted Mines, a map from Heroes of the Storm. Its objectives remind of Garden of Terror, but Blizzard doesn’t do things halfway. It has some similar stuff, but let’s take one thing at a time, shall we?

About the map:

  • Size: Medium
  • No. of lanes: 2
  • Realm: Raven Court (Nexus)

Objective and tips:

As I said, Haunted Mines is at first sight just Garden of Terror with different skin, and although it shares some of the mechanics, it is not the same. Here, you need to collect skulls from the killed undead in the mines which are under the map, to awake the Grave Golem, which then starts pushing a lane.


This is what makes this map unique. It has two levels, and although there are only two lanes, it gives a lot of maneuvering space. Golem will work on his own, and you don’t ne

ed to control it. Also, similar to seeds in the Garden, skulls are automatically transferred to team’s pool. This is great since even if you are killed, the enemy cannot take skulls like they can on Blackheart’s Bay.


The mines will open after 3 minutes after the start of the battle. Before that, Mercenary Camps will be activated, which opens up space for grabbing Mercenaries and putting additional pressure on a lane, once the enemy goes into the mines. Creatures in the tunnels will reappear at two minutes mark after the last golem is killed.


Speaking of Golems, they scale in health and damage, according to the number of skulls collected, so try to grab as many as possible. Moreover, they will be stronger each time they reappear, so more protection of towers is needed as the game progresses.


As we can see, there is plenty of time between the events. Still, there is one thing more important on this map, and that would be heroes to play. Namely, not the whole team is needed to hit the mine, leaving lanes unprotected. Therefore, two heroes capable in clearing Camps are more than recommended, or one paired with high-damage Assassin.

Recommended heroes:

  • Sylvanas – shuts down towers, is something else required? Also, her Barbed Shot accelerates taking down neutrals which results in faster collecting of skulls. Moreover, she is quite mobile, which makes her harder to kill.
  • Jaina – our dear Ms. Proudmoore packs a nasty punch when it comes to damage. Although her Camps clearing potential is better after level 7, she can obliterate one or two opposing heroes together with small golems they are clearing, if they are not careful.
  • Tassadar – Templar hero is well equipped for keeping his allies alive. Therefore, he is perfect for countering opposing Golems or helping his side push even further. Great talent choice makes him even more valuable.

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