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Heroes of the Storm Fenix announcement!

Heroes of the Storm Fenix announcement!

Heroes of the Storm Fenix announcement!

Gather up boys and girls; fresh news came from Blizzard! A few hours ago, an official Twitter account of Heroes of the Storm announced the new hero for this game. Actually, not announced, but instead teased. It is clear that the new hero is Fenix from StarCraft Universe, but what will be his role? I’m writing this Heroes of the Storm Fenix prediction to try to give you some answers.


On March 26, 2017, one of the users of HotS forum said that it is “Now or never” to see Fenix introduced. Almost year passed without a word. Luckily, we have a video which confirms that Fenix will be the next to join the battle. He is shown in his Dragoon form, but I believe that there can be more.

“I fear no enemy. For the Khala is my strength. I fear not death. For our strength is eternal.”


Who is Fenix, and who he will be?

Back in the day of bad graphics textures, Fenix was a bold and fierce Protoss warrior who lost his life and was transferred to a Dragoon. As such was killed by Zerg, only to have his conscious transferred into a Purifier who took the name Talandar afterward.

It would be amazing to see that Blizzard uses these features. I mean, come on, the guy died and came back to life. TWICE! Therefore, my money would be on a hero who is a Warrior class and can revive after death.

Other possibilities would include having a Specialist who is good in taking down opposing tanks and similar “big guys”. Why? As I said, he is best known as a Dragoon, and those units were better in bringing down large enemies than fighting off the hordes of Zerglings.

In case that Blizzard decides to take things to an entirely insane level, and make you begin as a zealot and to be transformed into a Dragoon or Purifier, remember, you heard it from us first.

So, what’s left but to wait? Not much, and I believe that it won’t be long before we get more info about how Fenix will fit into Heroes of the Storm. Stay tuned, since we will bring you info as it comes out.

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