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Heroes of the Storm Review: Worth the Time and Money

Score 87%

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA (Multiplayer online Battle Arena) game from Blizzard.  Now on version 2.0, like DOTA, this game features a range of main and support characters with their own unique abilities and fighting styles.  It all lends to the game’s intrigue and excitement.

The overall objective of the game is to kill core players, demobilizing an enemy team or capturing tributes as you progress in your fundamental goal of conquering the HotS world.


Perhaps the best aspects of this game are its realistic, sophisticated, and dynamic fight capabilities.  And its rad collection of unforgettable characters, only a few of which we have time to describe here.  Many of these characters are in Overwatch so they fit right in.

One of these is Malthael, who features a dynamic range of combat capabilities.  In addition to offering attack support from afar.

Another is Ana, an experienced, long-range fighter and sniper.

Also, D.VA is a Mech robot who is pilot controlled.

Sonya a Wandering Barbarian with extreme attacks and chain combos.

These characters are just a sample with the game containing at least 72 characters!

The game is like a team based capture the flag, with your team’s goal being to take fortification and defeat enemy team members and random character along the way to completing the level.


There are four combat classes in HotS: Specialist, Assassin, Support and Warrior heroes.

Each class provides different attacking functional ability throughout the game. This caters to a range of playing styles and player development.

HotS AssassinAssassin:

Assassins inflict heavy damage and can attack either single or multiple targets. Hit and run tactics are plentiful, with careful timed attacks and strategic play.

hots Support Ana


The Support class brings powerful healing and buffer fields for protection and helps to advance game strategy. Support heroes are an invaluable aid to the team in battle, offering a constant counter and defense.

abathur build guide


These characters offer abilities to shape and control the flow of the game, giving their team the edge to win or flip the game on its side, depending upon the specific abilities of the specialist and how those abilities are used.


This character can withstand, as well as inflict, a large amount of punishment, whilst self- healing or attacking simultaneously. The warrior is the heart of the team’s combat strategy.

Game Modes:


This is the learning part of the game, where beginners hone their skills and form preferences in regard to characters and strategic play.

Versus AI:

This is a player VS computer mode, allowing a 1 player vs AI learning curve to enable the player to further hone his/her skills and game knowledge.

Quick match:

This is a two-player option which can be customized for a player vs player battle mode. In this mode, you can invite your friend and login to the Steam network to learn gameplay together–the most fun and rewarding element of your weekly play with friends.

Heroes of the storm world

Structures: These are fortifications which the team can capture as strongholds to fortify positions and gain an advantage for battle encounters.

Lanes: These include minefields and paths forward towards your enemies’ base or fortification; these are pathways of play, usually forcing teams to battle head-on.

Maps: The game features a range of environment and maps for players and Ai to do battle on and hard graft the skills into play! There are about 20 maps, for a game like this huge, but just right for online massively player game. Levels like the Sky temple and the Braxis Holdout have different styles and objectives and that holds true for the major of levels on this game

The Shop: The shop offers a range of in-game currency and mods for players’ characters.  It also has reduced games and other offers. A good offering for a game which is normally so cash focused.

Game Play

This is a fast-paced attacking-action multiplayer game.

In fact, games like these, including DOTA, have made such a mark on the gaming market for last number of years.

Full-time gamers have developed lucrative professional careers, competing in wildly popular international tournaments centered upon these sort of titles.

The rich dramatis personae of this game, combined with its superb action—supported by exceptional graphics and sound that make the experience truly immersive and addicting—well qualify this game to stand alongside other notables in the world of professional, tournament game play.

So, you never know, practice hard and work at this with friends and online tournaments.  You too may be able to use this challenging and rewarding game to reach the heights of paid professional game play!

Exciting times to live in.

The State of the Game:

At the moment, Heroes of the Storm is being played in an array of incarnations, while a number of patches and updates are being executed or planned.

Snow Brawl: This incarnation incorporates customized maps and festival fun. Players play in these Christmas themed maps, priving festive fun for all involved.

Patch updates: December 20th saw the release of the latest patch with some bugs fixed and patches.

Heroes update: Art and cosmetics update for some of characters to keep game fun and fresh.

In other news, Poland’s Team Liquid explains the perfect team pick: a starcraft experienced play. This gamer offers tips and trick which see you up and running at a peak learning method—well worth the read.

The Takeaway

Blizzard has been patching Heroes of the Storm to address the few bugs and glitches compromising overall gameplay since 2016.  So after nearly two years of tests and tweaks, HotS has truly reached a peak of both playerability and solid polished gameplay.

The diversity and depth characters are amazing, and the effort put into the modeling and basic animation and design is really quite impressive. This was evident from the very beginning.

When I first open the game’s website, my reaction of “wow”, why am I writing about this and when can I give it a go?

Speaks to the immediate appeal of this innovative, sophisticated, and compelling title. To me that is the sign of an important title sure to win an enormous and devoted fan base.  Not to mention the recognition and respect of the pros, from the champion career gamers to tournament organizers.

A perfect example of the appeal of this game can be found at the site, a whole community has formed around this game (just as DOTA). It is worth taking the time to set up a profile and engage in this community.  Make contacts and friends to learn together and just absorb the subtlety.  Get some of the flavors of the gameplay and experience.

As an avid gamer and passionate fan of the world of gaming.  I can feel my pulse racing just discussing the elements of the character combinations and potential strategic play.

The real-time game play capacity brings back memories of television shows like the Gamemaster TV reviewing fast action platform and live player trials.

Heroes of the Storm


Multiple maps with their own flare
Characters all fit into the Blizzard rep
Matches are shorter
Characters all have special talents that vary
Combat animation and sound are pretty sweet
Character potential sucks. (Mastery Level)

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