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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Infernal Shrines

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Infernal Shrines

There are several examples of how Blizzard manages to connect different worlds and to create unity where there are only differences. Take Infernal Shrines as an example. Although this map is from Diablo Universe, it features mechanics found in other titles made by this company. Eventually, isn’t the point of Heroes of the Storm to have a beautiful blend of different games?

About the map:

  • Size: Medium
  • No. of lanes: 3
  • Realm: Sanctuary (Diablo Universe)

Objective and tips:

The Infernal Shrines are not an exception when it comes to map objectives. They are exciting and will require team cooperation and communication. Eventually, everything comes down to how good you can push a lane, or to hold back enemies and save your buildings.


So, how to win this game? There are three infernal shrines (you would never guess) which will spawn undead soldiers which you need to kill. Now, after three minutes into the game, the first shrine will be available, and you need to activate it, so it will start spawning. Note that only one shrine is active at one point.


After one team kills 40 soldiers, the portal at the shrine will open, and the Punisher (not THAT Punisher, this one doesn’t have a machine gun) will appear. He can have one of the three attributes (Frozen, Arcane, and Mortar) which will give him unique abilities. Remember that he can leap toward heroes, this is a crucial ability which I will explain later.


Now, after the Punisher appears, he will target the nearest hero, or lane, if there aren’t enemies close by. He will then proceed with pushing the chosen lane, and it is up to you to help him and keep him going as long as possible.


First few times when the Punisher appears will be relatively easy, but each time Punisher reappears, he will be stronger, so more heroes will be needed to keep him away. Speaking of which, he is way too powerful, so don’t engage him outside of your towers. Also, his ability to leap can be used against him, and tanks such as Johanna can stand just behind a gate, to lure him behind, where the Fort can also add damage, and finish him off quickly.


When it comes to heroes, good choice are those who can clear Camps fast or those who are known for their high damage. If it is AoE damage, even better. Here are recommendations.

Recommended heroes:

  • Kael’thas – our Blood Elf is known for his high AoE damage and decent range. This means that he can wipe out a massive number of soldiers and rack up the stacks. Also, he will deal high damage to opposing melee heroes which are around the shrine.
  • Leoric – since our not-so-fair King has percentage based damage, he is an obvious choice for this map. Also, his zoning abilities paired with tankiness make him useful on this map. Furthermore, while in ghost form, can provide essential map awareness.
  • Sonya – barbarian girl has a fantastic Camp clearing potential since she can solo them without an issue. This is useful both for clearing soldiers, and can also solo three camps in the lower part of the map, which makes push alongside the Punisher a living Hell for the opposing team.

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