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Jaina build guide

In desperate times, leaders can step up from where you least expect them. One such opportunity rose while the Scourge was sweeping through Lordaeron, assimilating everyone. King Terenas was dead, Crown Prince Arthas fell to the influence of Frostmourne, and only several people could step up and try saving what could be saved. One of those people was Jaina Proudmoore, daughter of Admiral Proudmoore, and love interest to Arthas (before he went full Darth Vader).

Therefore, this Jaina build guide is dedicated to all of those (me included) who didn’t believe that mages can be assassins as well. Luckily, Heroes of the Storm have such kind, and they are darn fun to play.

“My sorcery is unrivaled.”

Jaina Proudmoore, the Archmage


  • Amazing burst damage
  • All of her abilities have a slow effect (of course, those are snow-based ones, what did you expect?)
  • Great at clearing waves


  • Highly vulnerable to melee attack
  • Can be tricky to play, since all of her abilities can be countered
  • Somewhat limited regarding mobility
  • Cooldowns require attention and proper planning, to perform effectively

So, our dear Jaina Proudmoore is challenging to play, but don’t give up. She didn’t either, and that brought her the title of the Archmage.

  • Consider whether you are used to playing heroes with skillshots. Since Jaina is one such, you will have to hit your targets all the time to be effective. There are heroes such as Muradin, Raynor or Johanna which are better suited for beginners. There’s no shame in admitting that you prefer those heroes.
  • Frostbite is your passive which will amp your damage, and since you want to deal as much as possible of it, you will have to cast spells in succession and to keep hitting with them. Now you understand why she can be tricky.
  • For fast clearing of waves and Mercenary Camps, don’t be afraid to use Blizzard. It is an excellent tool for this purpose.
  • Remember: YOU are a target for those nimble, fast-moving assassins such as Zeratul, Nova, Valeera or Genji. Keep in mind that you lack movement to outmaneuver them, so ask your team to support you, if possible. Anub’arak is a different story; his Harden Carapace can neutralize your burst damage and can interrupt your abilities.

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