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Junkrat build guide

There has to be a madman, doesn’t it? Every game nowadays has at least one (or in case of Borderlands series, all) character who is a bit unhinged. Our guy for today is from the Overwatch, and he loves mayhem. This is Junkrat build guide.


Played as ranged Assassin, Junkrat brings a whim of insanity into the Heroes of the Storm. His abilities don’t need mana, and with a strange set of skills, he will inevitably create quite a bit of confusion on the battlefield.

“Sure, no one may notice the little happy faces I paint on my bombs, but the details matter!”

Junkrat, Junker Demolitionist


  • Doesn’t have mana
  • Long range which can affect targets behind cover
  • Can reposition players with Concussion Mine
  • Sustained or burst damage can be achieved through respective builds
  • Potent wave clearer
  • Steel Trap is excellent at zoning enemies
  • Fairly good at sieging
  • High skill ceiling


  • Difficult to master
  • All abilities are skillshots
  • Susceptible to diving heroes and CC
  • No tools for self-sustain
  • Concussion Mine requires teamwork and coordination
  • Top-notch positioning is a must

In case that your perfect game means that you irritate and blast away your enemies, Junkrat might be perfect for you. Still, here are some tips and advice.

  • Of all Junkrats’ abilities, Frag Grenade perhaps requires the most practice. Since it will bounce, skilled opponents might be ready to go “under” it, or to evade it completely. Hence, practice this one a bit in the A.I. combat, to get the feeling.
  • Concussion Mine gives you a few choices when it comes to displacing enemies, and should be placed carefully. It is not the same whether you want to create a gap between you and chasing the enemy, or just to throw opponent across the wall.
  • On the other hand, Steel Trap requires a bit of prediction. Try to anticipate where the opposing heroes will be, and place it there. It has 2 sec. channeling, so it is not very wise to place it in the thick of the fight.
  • RIP-Tire is excellent for sudden strikes on unsuspecting enemies. Its ability to bounce over walls lifts the bar even further. However, mind that Junkrat is vulnerable while this ability is active.
  • His second Heroic ability, Rocket Ride is an excellent tool for evading death. Denying a kill or two and perhaps grabbing one in the process can be very useful in the long run.

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