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Kael’thas build guide

Remember back in the day when Blizzard moved the planet with WarCraft III? And when they did it again with The Frozen Throne expansion? Well, one of the heroes who were added in the expansion was our main star for today. This is Kael’thas build guide, and let’s get down to business.

In Heroes of the Storm, our hero is played as ranged Assassin, capable of punishing more than one enemy (or even better, an entire team) with this abilities. Of course, like all heroes, he has his pros and cons, so here they are.

“First the Alliance has failed my people, then the Illidari. It does not matter. My people will be avenged.”

Kael'thas Sunstrider, the Sun King


  • When talents are chosen the right way, can have an insane AoE or single target damage
  • All abilities have an area of effect feature
  • Gravity Lapse is useful as crowd control ability
  • Amazing in clearing waves
  • Zoning is superb due to his Phoenix ability
  • Can gank rather good in the early stage of the game


  • Sports poor mobility and survivability
  • Mana-hungry
  • Positioning must be impeccable
  • Needs allies to keep enemies at a distance

So, ready to set the world on fire? Here are some tips on how to make the Prince With The Most Fabulous Hair (sorry Tyrande) the most efficient killing machine on the battlefield.

  • When you need to clear wave fast, combine Verdant Spheres with the Flamestrike. The area and the damage produced will be larger and more effective.
  • Although Phoenix is a Heroic ability, it has a somewhat low cooldown, so use it as needed. As I said, it is excellent for zoning enemies, to clear Mercenary Camps, or to press towers and other buildings.
  • Be sure that you are hidden or protected well before using Pyroblast. Also, use it as an opener, rather than for killing enemies. This will result in team splitting, which makes things much easier for you, or to deal substantial damage. Either way suits you.
  • You will need time to start hitting things with Gravity Lapse. Therefore, take a few rounds of A.I. fights, just to get the sense of it.
  • Of all opposing heroes, those who can move quickly across the battlefield are the most dangerous ones. Genji, Zeratul, Illidan or even Greymane area perfect examples of such opponents. If these appear in the game, ask your team to protect you, since besides Gravity Lapse, you don’t have any peel abilities.
  • Whenever possible, see to use the situation when the enemies are close to one another. That fantastic AoE damage will wreak havoc on them.

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