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Kerrigan build guide

The Queen of Blades. Ghost No. 24. The Queen of the Zerg. Raynor’s “darling”. Certainly one of the most tragic characters in the history of video games (I’m male, 30, and my eyes go misty every time on this scene), Sarah is at the same time one of the most recognized ones the Blizzard ever made. Therefore, here’s Kerrigan build guide.

In Heroes of the Storm, Kerrigan is a melee Assassin hero, which usually takes a highly aggressive approach to each game. As for her pros and cons, here they are.

“Never cross the Queen of Blades”

Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades


  • Superb regarding ganking from the beginning of the match
  • Amazing regarding burst damage and crowd control
  • Ravage offers great initiating potential
  • Can sport surprising tankiness due to Assimilation
  • Can be very strong if Ravage is accented (Siphoning Impact, Clean Kill)


  • Susceptible to crowd control abilities
  • You must look after cooldowns carefully
  • Sustained damage is not good enough
  • Difficult to learn
  • Has to use abilities to clear waves effectively
  • No escape mechanism, except Psionic Shift

If you want to play as the strongest Zerg who ever lived, you will need some guidelines and tips. Luckily, here they are.

  • Don’t pick Kerrigan on whichever map you are playing. She is fantastic on smaller ones, such as Tomb of the Spider Queen or Braxis Holdout. There, she can quickly move from one lane to other, and to harass and press the opposing team.
  • Never be passive when playing Kerrigan. Ever. High burst damage and great initiating set of skills are forcing you to take the fight to the enemy. This will result in creating a lead for your team by taking down the opposing heroes, or pushing them out of the lane, so the amount of experience the enemy gathers will be smaller.
  • Don’t spam your abilities whenever not on cooldown; Kerrigan is mana-hungry, so you don’t want to be left without it at the most critical
  • Using Primal Grasp to pull your enemies and Impaling Blades to damage them is the bread and butter for every Kerrigan player. Your opponents know this and will try to avoid your abilities. To avoid missing, wait for the moment to start the combo.
  • Surprisingly, heroes who counter Kerrigan the best are Supports. Look after Uther, since he can both keep your target alive and well, and to stop you in your tracks with strong crowd control abilities.

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