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Kharazim build guide

On my first playthrough of Diablo III, Monk was the character I chose. By introducing this hero to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard got me hooked even more. Thus, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Kharazim build guide (in a Russian accent).


Played as a melee Support, Kharazim brings strong defensive and offensive skills, which makes him one of the rare Support heroes who can be played similarly to Assassin class. In other words, he can do whatever you need.

“I serve the Patriarchs of Ivgorod, chosen by the one-thousand and one gods.”

Kharazim, the Veradani Monk


  • Amazing utility
  • Outstanding mobility
  • Can be built as Support or Assassin
  • High single-target damage
  • Wide choice of talents


  • Doesn’t feature crowd control
  • Poor in clearing waves
  • Pretty steep learning curve
  • Precision and good judgment is needed for the Divine Palm to be useful

Learning is everything. Although Kharazim can be a bit of a challenge, you shouldn’t pass on this hero. Therefore, here are some guidelines to master him faster.

  • As I said in my Zul’jin build guide recently, there’s one ability per hero which proper usage determines whether you will win the game or not. In Kharazim’s case, it is the Divine Palm. For example, imagine that you are paired with Illidan (it is a good pairing, just to be said) and as he dives the opposing team focuses him. Now, you cast Divine Palm, and they think he is done. WHAM! Instead, Illidan is healed and can proceed to obliterate backline heroes, as he should. This ability can literally turn defeat into victory on its own.
  • A quick cast of Elemental Allies over walls and followed by Radiant Dash gives you a lot of maneuverability, so use this combo when in a tight Quick-casting Elemental Allies can help a lot.
  • As the game progresses, you will almost certainly find yourself using Radiant Dash more to reposition and heal allies rather than for initiating the fight. This is natural, and don’t worry; you are still doing your part.
  • Seven-Sided Strike has great damage output, and since it is percentage-based, hitting the opposing Warriors or Tanks is recommended. Therefore, the ideal situation is that you have only one target with a lot of health which is already stunned or rooted.
  • When playing Kharazim, it is vital to understand that you rely on attack speed. Therefore, Johanna and Muradin with their blinding and stunning abilities can break your combo chain, leaving you vulnerable.

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