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Leoric build guide

Let’s be honest. Dying in every game is lame (it even rhymes). So, why not avoid it, and play as a hero who won’t revive at the Nexus? From Diablo III, I give you our hero for today. Raise your hands and maces for one and only, the King of Skeletons! This is Leoric build guide, and let’s get down to business.


Played as a heavy-hitting Warrior in Heroes of the Storm, Leoric is a hero who excels in dealing with high health targets. As such, he is an excellent counter for many Warriors.

“You cannot kill that which has no life.”

Leoric, the Skeleton King


  • While under Undying trait, can offer map awareness and crowd control
  • Wrath Walk is one of the best repositioning tools in the game
  • Fantastic self-sustain due to Drain Hope
  • Potent solo laner
  • Shines against other Warriors


  • Both Wraith Walk and Drain Hope have a somewhat long cooldown
  • Entomb requires superb timing and positioning
  • Doesn’t feature stuns

It is vital to know how to play specific hero, won’t you agree? Thus, I’m giving you some helpful tips and tricks on how to dominate the battleground with Leoric.

  • Depending on your opponent, you might probably want to start the game aggressively. Few heroes can endure your constant bullying, so if you have the opportunity, press your lane hard. This fill force the opposing hero to retreat, soaking less experience.
  • When playing Leoric, you have to look at dying differently. I mean, he kinda dies, but this is merely a setback. Therefore, if you need to sacrifice yourself to reach an objective, or to save an ally, do so. You will resurrect much faster than the rest of the team. Plus, you remain useful even when dead.
  • It doesn’t matter when you use Drain Hope as much as it depends on who you are targeting. To get the most of it, choose the beefiest opponent, so Diablo or Azmodan can give you a lot of healing.
  • When it comes to opposing heroes, you have to be careful about highly mobile Assassins such as Illidan, Valla or Tracer. Those pack quite the punch, and since you don’t have a mean to stop them, you will probably have a tough time.

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