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Li Li

Li Li build guide

I remember back in the day when Mists of Pandaria kicked the door out of the hinges and came into the market with all guns blazing, bringing a new race into the World of WarCraft. Pandas were a nice change, and one of the most famous ones besides Chen is our hero for today. This is Li Li build guide.


Played as a ranged Support in Heroes of the Storm, Li Li might seem like an innocent child who can’t do much once things start happening, but if you think this way, boy you are wrong! Let’s see what she has to offer, shall we?

“Hey! I can take care of myself, you know.”

Li Li Stormstout, the World Wanderer


  • Hard counter for Basic attack heroes due to her Blinding Wind
  • Amazing sustained heal
  • Very easy to play and beginner-friendly
  • Packs a good punch for a Support
  • Can trade effectively
  • A mobile hero who requires strong cc such as stun or root to be countered


  • Not very good at clearing waves
  • Sustained healing is countered by burst damage
  • Doesn’t have any hard crowd control
  • Mechanics of Healing Brew and Jug of 1.000 Cups are not ideal

It is great to have two Supports on your side, and although Li Li is an amazing secondary supporting hero, there are still some things which need to be cleared out. Tips time!

  • Keep in mind that Support has to stay alive to do its job. It is not unusual for the opposing team to take down a Support, and then sweep the floor with remaining heroes. Don’t let this happen! One of the most difficult heroes to deal with is Raynor. Although he relies on the Basic attack, he has a long enough range to evade your Blinding Wind, which means that you will have to go frontline to reach him. Don’t do this.
  • Cloud Serpent is amazing for frontline diving heroes. Therefore, if you have Muradin or Kerrigan onboard, show them how it feels to deal additional damage and be healed at the same time.
  • Jug of 1.000 Cups has channeling time, don’t forget about that. Because of this, it is best to use it at the beginning of the battle. In all that ruckus you won’t be able to use it effectively.
  • Although Water Dragon looks really cool and is effective, always be sure that your team knows what you are going to do. You need some cover, to avoid being interrupted.

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