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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Lost Cavern

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Lost Cavern

I have said previously that diversity is the best feature of the Heroes of the Storm. This was not an exaggeration since there are so many things which are making a unique experience, that is just unbelievable. Lost Cavern is a map which stands out from the rest of the battlegrounds since it has only…. wait for it…. ONE LANE!

About the map:

  • Size: Small
  • No. of lanes: 1
  • Realm: Luxoria (Nexus)

Objective and tips:

Since this map is stripped of all other things, I’ll keep things short.


There aren’t much to do on Lost Cavern. However, this doesn’t mean that you should pass it. Contrary, it is exciting, since it forces you to hone your skills, without objectives or Mercenary Camps. Just pure, unrefined teamfight.


Now, to play on this map, you must create a custom game, as it is unavailable through other methods. I know that I always recommend taking at least one friend with you, but if you have faith in a complete stranger to play good, feel free to team with whoever suits you.


One of the most important things for winning this map is called countering. You have read so many of my guides so far (I hope so) that I won’t explain it any further. Therefore, look after the choice of the hero to counter the opposition if possible, or choose those who have a good choice of talents.


Other than that, there isn’t much to say. Stay safe, don’t overextend and dive in needlessly. Make sure that you are using TeamSpeak if you are playing with friends. This map will draw out the best of the teamwork, and no other ground will need it more, so split-second decisions will be in order.


Whether bad or good, it is up to you.

Recommended heroes:

  • Varian – for me, Varian is the King. Of variations (see what i did there?). He is the only multi-class hero and as such is very well suited for Lost Cavern. The enemy took Valla to counter you? Build your hero as an assassin, and take him by surprise.
  • Li-Ming – if I have learned anything while playing this game that would be that Li-Ming is insanely hard to deal with. She is equally hard to play, but this map is about that. If you are determined to obliterate the enemy, practice with this hero, and it will help you to be more effective.
  • Hammer – this hero is most often used to fulfill a sieging purpose, but hear me out. It is highly likely that you will be able to stand under the tower and rain hell down on the enemy. Your team, as well as your targets, will always be close since there are no other lanes, which makes things easy.

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