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The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings

Remember when I mentioned that all characters in Heroes of the Storm are coming from major Blizzard’s franchises? Well, these three guys are a franchise on their own. They were the early work of a company called “Silicon & Synapse” which will become our chilling giant today. Without further delay, this is The Lost Vikings build guide, and it will be fun!


In this game, this spry trio is a Specialist by class. They are controlled individually but are played as three heroes, which makes things both exciting and challenging, as you will see. Their primary advantage is an excellent map presence and keeping the pressure on the lane.

“Hey! I think somebody poked me!”
“I’ll poke ya! Yer just imagining things!”

The Lost Vikings, Triple Trouble


  • Since Vikings cover multiple lanes, experience gain (soak) is amazing
  • Forces the opposing heroes to stay in lane
  • Baleog has splash damage on his attack which is decent wave clearing tool
  • The death of one of them doesn’t impact the whole team as much
  • Viking Bravery is useful for dealing with Mercenary Camps fast


  • Difficult to learn due to the high learning curve
  • High vulnerability to ganks
  • Each Viking has low health pool, which makes them easy to kill one by one
  • Very dependable on communication
  • To be useful, they require superb map-awareness and multitasking skills
  • Weak in the early phase of the game

If you prefer slightly strange and challenging heroes, The Lost Vikings will definitely suit you. Therefore, here comes tips part of this The Lost Vikings build guide.

  • Whenever you are beginning the game, see which heroes the opposing team has. If you see burst heroes such as Zeratul or Nova, think twice whether to choose TLV. Those can counter you efficiently so that you will be in trouble.
  • If you think you can play this hero(es), go with A.I. match a few times. You will get the feeling of how things work.
  • Jump! is great for evading massive damage inflicting abilities, so use it when you doubt that this is what will happen.
  • Viking Hoard increases the health of all three Vikings, so pick up those healing orbs whenever possible and safe.
  • Spin To Win is excellent for clearing minions or inflicting a lot of damage to a single target.
  • It is vital that at least one Viking survives, since through Play Again! Odin will grant us strength and bravery, return us from Halls of Valhalla to fight again. However, this ability is best used
  • When Longboat Raid is used, it can be tricky to hit the opposing hero. Instead, use it for hitting objectives instead.

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