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Lt. Morales

Lt. Morales

Lt. Morales build guide

Excellent support is a backbone of each team, no arguing about that. He keeps the rest of his team alive and safe so that they can do what they know best; taking down the opponent and winning the game. Following this philosophy, I’m giving you Lt. Morales build guide.

Many heroes in Heroes of the Storm are transferred from other universes, but there are those such as Sgt. Hammer and our star of the night who represent those nameless fighters and soldiers. In StarCraft, there are medics whose task is to keep the marines alive. Lt. Morales represents them.

“State the nature of your medical emergency!”

Lt. Morales, the Combat Medic


  • Easy to learn
  • Rather strong in the late stage of the game
  • Amazing single-target healing abilities and reducing damage
  • Stim Drone is one of the best abilities for Basic attack heroes


  • Healing Beam eats through the mana
  • Doesn’t have AoE heals
  • No escape mechanisms
  • Needs to be positioned well

So, you believe that keeping your allies is more important than killing the enemy? In that case, you will need some guidelines, and here they are.

  • Remember that Healing Beam affects both you and your target. Therefore, if there aren’t any allies around you, there’s always an option to target minions or Mercenaries.
  • Keep in mind that you are a second-line This means that you must sync and watch for your frontline movement. Thus, watch when they retreat. You don’t want to stay behind, do you? If you are exposed to the enemy, be sure that they won’t hesitate to attack you.
  • Although Medivac Dropship is an excellent ability, it is best used for premade games. In other cases, it can have its share of hits and misses.
  • Don’t forget about your Stim Drone. It increases the attack speed of your target, so applying it to let’s say, Illidan will have a devastating effect. Valla and Raynor are also excellent targets for this ability.
  • Your biggest opponents are hard-hitting, fast closing in heroes. Therefore, watch out for The Butcher and even Kerrigan. Those have potent engaging and pinning down abilities, and since you lack good self-sustain, there isn’t much you can do.

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