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Lúcio build guide

Is there a better way to heal than to listen to the music? Also, the music is the best thing to get us moving. Combining these two approaches, Blizzard made a unique hero. He comes from the world of Overwatch, and this is Lúcio build guide.

In Heroes of the Storm, our Brazilian DJ is played as ranged support which can heal his allies, or give them a speed boost. Naturally, fun is guaranteed, so, if you want to try a new support hero, I highly recommend this one.

“Lúcio in the house!”

Lúcio, the Freedom Fighting DJ


  • Amazing regarding mobility
  • Potent heal in the late phase of the game
  • Doesn’t need to stop while attacking, similarly to Tracer
  • Both Heroic abilities are good
  • Can be played as primary or secondary support


  • Needs skills in multitasking to be effective
  • Map awareness is a must
  • Not very good at clearing waves or soloing a lane
  • Low health

If the music is your thing, let’s drop the bass, and dominate with Lúcio. Here are some tips and tricks on this matter.

  • This hero is one of those whose trait you mustn’t forget. Wall Ride is great for escaping the chasing enemy, or to make circles around while damaging them. However, you must be very familiar with the map to use this to your advantage.
  • Crossfade – Speed Boost and Crossfade – Healing Boost can be switched without a cooldown, so you don’t need to wait for channeling period. This is most beneficial when chasing the opposing hero or retreating.
  • Another great thing about Lúcio is that he can have a rather useful peel for his allies. Combine Crossfade – Speed Boost with Soundwave to create a large gap between your team and pursuing enemies.
  • In case that opposing team has a lot of CC such as stuns, silences and other, pick Back in the Mix once you hit level 16. It is handy in these situations.
  • Heroes who have high burst damage, such as Varian and Valeera are dangerous for every Lúcio player. Keep your distance and watch for their movement. Also, Zeratul has outstanding gap closing potential and can bring you down in no time.

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