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Maiev build guide

Let’s be honest here. You can’t talk about Maiev without mentioning Illidan. The Frozen Throne explained their relationship very nicely, so I won’t prolong it any further. Instead, we’ll go straight to Maiev build guide.


Our Warden here is played in Heroes of the Storm as strong initiating Assassin, who can bring down enemies fast, especially those who aren’t positioned well.


“We must hurry! I have no time for idle nonsense!”

Maiev, the Warden


  • Umbral Bind represents a great initiating tool
  • Slick and mobile hero, who is sometimes difficult to kill
  • Great AoE damage potential
  • Can gank easily, but is tough to be ganked
  • Useful in clearing waves


  • Playstyle can be predicted and countered
  • Doesn’t have self-sustain
  • Not very good at soloing a lane
  • Cannot be effective in clearing Camps fast
  • Single-target damage is not very good, which is not great for 1-on-1 situations

If the sense of vengeance and justice are driving you forward, Maiev would be an excellent choice for you. According to that, here are some tips and tricks.

  • Keep in mind that for every Assassin cooldowns are vital. If you are left without your abilities, you’re toasted (if your hero relies on those, that is). Maiev’s Fan of Knives refunds mana and reduces the cooldown to 0.5 seconds if you hit at least two heroes. Use this to your advantage. This ability shines against The Lost Vikings.
  • Spirit of Vengeance is an excellent way to avoid missiles. Keep in mind that you need to cast it again, to
  • Before tackling strong heroes, always use Containment Disc. It will pierce the minions and towers, but its best feature is that it will keep the enemy under control for 4 seconds.
  • Although Vault of the Wardens is an excellent evading tool, it won’t go through terrain or structures. Keep this in mind.
  • Of all opponents, Arthas is probably the most dangerous for you. He packs a lot of health, has decent crowd control, and isn’t afraid to get close up and personal.

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