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Malthael build guide

Have you ever seen an angry angel? Or an angel in a tracksuit? Or, an angel who was dedicated to Wisdom, and changed his job, and became an Aspect of Death? All right, first two were joke, while the third is the leading role of my Malthael build guide. An assassin angel. Funny game this is, indeed.

If you played Diablo III, more precisely Reaper of Souls, you know of Malthael, or at least saw him. He is that grim-looking hooded figure on the cover holding two scythes. In Heroes of the Storm, he is equally deadly, which is natural, since the role of assassin.

“Hope is an illusion. In the end, only Death remains.”

Malthael, the Aspect of Death


  • Amazing in 1-on-1 situations
  • Great self-sustain
  • He doesn’t care what class is his opposing hero; superb sustained damage is guaranteed
  • Can chase targets with Reaper’s Mark very easily
  • Decent PvE potential


  • Not very good for siege
  • Susceptible to kiting
  • Not much to offer besides pure damage
  • Burst damage is somewhat limited

There are few tips to remember before taking those scythes and start ripping enemy heroes apart. Here they are.

  • Distribute Reaper’s Mark as much as you can. Enemy heroes branded by it will be uncertain whether you will attack them or not, which you can use to your advantage to press them or chase away from the lane.
  • Spam Soul Rip as much as you can, since it doesn’t spend a lot of mana, and keeps you in high health.
  • As the opposing hero loses health, look for a marker which shows that Last Rites will kill them. This makes things a lot easier since you don’t need to rely on intuition.
  • If you need to avoid a skillshot, rely on Wraith Strike.
  • Heroes which can deal a lot of damage from far and kite Malthael are the greatest threat to him. Therefore, watch for Valla, Lunara, Li-Ming or Falstad.
  • The other kind of heroes who can counter Malthael are those who feature stuns and knockbacks. One of the most dangerous ones is Auriel since she can even counter his Heroic ability with her Crystal Aegis.

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