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Muradin build guide

There’s almost no game or modern fantasy work without dwarves. In WarCraft, they are the part of the Alliance, and as such had to be featured in Heroes of the Storm. Our hero for today is an epitome of the dwarven nation; fearless, hot-tempered and nearly impossible to kill. This is Muradin build guide lad, let’s get to fightin’!

Muradin was perhaps the first Warrior hero I have tried in Heroes of the Storm. His easy to adapt kit and robust surviving mechanism make him one of the best Warriors in the game.

“Ye got my attention, laddie.”

Muradin Bronzebeard, the Mountain King


  • Won’t die easily
  • Can have strong self-sustain
  • Good set of interrupting and cc abilities
  • Dwarf Toss is great for initiating a fight or getting away
  • Has pretty flexible talents, which means that it can adapt to several situations


  • Somewhat predictable playstyle
  • Proper usage of Storm Bolt needs some practice
  • Not so good at clearing waves

Here are some tips which will surely come in handy when playing Muradin. I’m sure that you will get used to him fast, but still, here they are.

  • Due to his overall balance, Muradin can fit pretty much every team. Even better, there aren’t many heroes who will counter him but can instead cause just a hard time. Those who are dealing damage based on health are a nuisance, so watch out for Tychus and Malthael. For those, be careful when you activate Avatar.
  • Also, heroes with high burst damage which will prevent you from moving (Alarak and Jaina) can also be a problem. Make sure that you have your team close by, and that you are focusing them.
  • Stoneform is excellent for healing and should be used as needed, however, if you activate it during Avatar, it will heal a lot more, due to Avatar’s health increase.
  • Speaking of healing, there is also another combo which will make you heal pretty fast. Consider combining Thunder Burn and Healing Static. These are particularly handy in crowded team fights.
  • If the opposing team has mobile Assassins such as Illidan or Valla, treat them with a round of Thunder Clap, to stop them in their tracks. If they are still persistent to reach your backline heroes, Storm Bolt will avert them from doing so.

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