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Murky build guide

This game has some bizarre heroes, is it not? I mean, look at Lunara, a dryad which laughs while killing you. And then, there’s this little guy. Murlocs are known for their strange language, and instead of murmuring, I’m giving you comprehensible Murky build guide.

In Heroes of the Storm, this slimy hero is a melee Specialist, with very distinctive playstyle. Let’s just say that he is a professional in trolling the enemy team, and keeping them frustrated.

“Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!” (whatever that meant)

Murky, the Baby Murloc


  • Nice wave clearing potential
  • Thanks to Spawn Egg doesn’t remain dead for long
  • Doesn’t have mana
  • High threat in the late stage of the game
  • His Heroic ability, Octo-Grab is more than good


  • Lowest health pool of all heroes
  • Not suitable for maps with gathering objectives (such as coins)
  • Some conditions may limit his damage potential
  • Can be almost ignored in the early stage of the game
  • Because of the unique game mechanics, the rest of the team must follow his lead

If you want to wreak havoc and avenge your fellow Murlocs being slain across several World of WarCraft games, you will need some tips on this matter. Here they are.

  • Unique game mechanics will dictate that you depend on hiding your Spawn Egg well. It should be as close to the battlefield as possible, and yet difficult to find. If the egg is destroyed, you have to wait for a standard period for respawning.
  • Slime and Pufferfish are your best friends in clearing waves fast and efficient. However, enemies can target your Pufferfish, so protect it by standing on top of it.
  • Watch the flow of the battle. Safety Bubble is great for evading opposing abilities, but in case that the line of the battle shifts, you can find yourself trapped behind enemies, and that means certain death. Not that it matters though if you have an egg ready.
  • Remember that you should always state which enemy you are going to target with your Octo-Grab so that your team knows who to focus.
  • Two heroes are of the highest threat to you. Zarya has a Cleansing Shield at level 16, which will render your Octo-Grab pretty useless. On the other hand, Li-Ming has passive called Critical Mass which refreshes all of her abilities upon a takedown. Knowing how fast she will kill you, it is clear why you will be an asset to her, rather than a threat.

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