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Nazeebo build guide


Toads, zombies, and spiders. This Nazeebo build guide surely looks like a low-budget horror movie, but the truth is nowhere near to that. With his unique role, Nazeebo is naturally, fun to play.



Coming from Diablo Universe, Nazeebo is what it called there a Witch Doctor. By summoning creatures to aid him, he is played as Specialist in Heroes of the Storm. There are areas in which he shines, so let’s get to his pros and cons, shall we?


“Time to do that voodoo that I do so well.”

Nazeebo, the Witch Doctor


  • Very high sustained damage
  • A unique tool for crowd control
  • Amazing poke
  • Through Voodoo Ritual can have health lower only than Tanks or Warriors
  • Doesn’t have a problem with mana in the mid and late game
  • Taking Mercenary Camps solo is not a problem
  • Zombie Wall works on towers as well


  • Doesn’t shine when it comes to burst damage
  • The absence of hard crowd control is noticeable
  • To be effective, Voodoo Ritual had to be stacked
  • Not very mobile

So, if you wish to try this hero, you should hit the fields immediately, right? Wrong! You should read tips and tricks below first.

  • Nazeebo is perhaps the best example that some heroes need to be built throughout the game, to be effective later. Therefore, look to stack as more Voodoo Rituals as possible. Besides giving a massive amount of health which is undoubtedly beneficial, it synergizes well with Vile Infection, which provides more damage.
  • Since your hero thrives in crowded areas where the enemy is bundled up, use this to your advantage. Poisonous Spiders are made for such cases, throw them in the thick of the fight, and look to hit as many enemies as possible.
  • Although Zombie Wall will deal some damage, don’t use it for this purpose. Its main advantage is utility, so separating a hero or creating a bait for the tower is its primary purpose.
  • Plague of Toads is another ability which you need to learn how to cast. Since it moves like a wave, see to cast it when the enemy hero is heading your way. By doing so, you will reduce the time needed for him to escape.
  • Ravenous Spirit has an outstanding damage potential, so don’t waste it. It is best to cast it behind a wall, or covered by teammates who understand how important it is to keep you going.
  • Concerning heroes who can counter you, consider that Zarya is your most significant She can shield her allies, and your sustained damage will be an advantage for the opposing team in this case.

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