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Nova build guide

Not many heroes have the ability to frighten the opposing players. I don’t mean about the character here, but about the actual player on the other side. One such is our lady for today. This is Nova build guide, and get ready to bully your opponent.


If you played StarCraft 2, you know about this hero. She was sent to bring in (or down) the Queen of the Blades, Kerrigan. However, in Heroes of the Storm, she will bring down anyone who she sets an eye on.

“Terminating… with extreme prejudice!”

Nova, the Dominion Ghost


  • Stealthed when out of the combat
  • Impressive burst damage
  • Very long range of Basic attack and abilities
  • Global threat


  • Highly dependent on positioning to land skillshots
  • Low health
  • Doesn’t have abilities for movement
  • Average sustained damage
  • Painfully bad at clearing waves and sieging

So, to be as good as possible, you will need some tips and tricks. Naturally, I got your back, and here they are.

  • Nova is one of those heroes who you cannot play from time to time. You MUST have the feel for Snipe ability. This one is a bread and butter for every Nova player, and if you can’t land it successfully, you cannot play Nova correctly.
  • Although hitting something with Snipe increases damage permanently, if you miss it at least once, you lose all the stacks. This high reward-high loss mechanics need constant practice, and this is why I have said it earlier.
  • To make it easier, try using Pinning Shot before Snipe or Precision Strike. It will slow down your target, making your job much more manageable.
  • Holo Decoy is what you will use to elude enemies. Once cast, it gives you 5 seconds time window to reposition and strike from a different position. This can create quite a confusion, and the opportunity to slip away. Once you go stealth, heroes in other two lanes won’t know where to expect you. This is the threat you generate, and it forces the opponent to play more defensively.
  • The main threat to you are heroes who can overcome your two most significant advantages, range and burst damage. For example, Chen can get close really fast and packs a lot of health, so you will have trouble to eliminate him before he makes trouble.
  • On the other hand, Zarya has shielding abilities which will keep your targets alive, making you a target instead.

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