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Probius build guide

It is known, as the Dothraki would say, that not all heroes wear capes. Some of them are ordinary workers, who still manage to gather all of their courage and hold the line with other big shots. The bravest of all Protoss probes is this little guy, and this is Probius build guide.

By becoming an Akhundelar, Probius proved that he is even with other heroes of the Protoss such as Artanis, Zeratul, and Tassadar. This earned him the place in Heroes of the Storm where he does what he knows best; builds, and he holds the line.

Probius doesn’t have quotes, but we love him the same.

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  • More than decent AoE burst damage
  • Great potential for zoning
  • Good at clearing waves
  • Doesn’t need to go back to base a lot; Warp In Pylon regenerates mana at an insane rate
  • Skills can go pretty high


  • Very squishy, low health
  • Difficult to learn
  • Susceptible to crowd control
  • Has almost no crowd control abilities until level 16

So, you want to try and play Probius? That’s great; you should always look into exploring new things. However, here are some tips on how to play this hero.

  • Always Warp In Pylon in a secluded place, such as bushes or behind the walls. The longer the enemy doesn’t know about them, the better.
  • Although Warp Rift + Disruption Pulse is excellent damage dealing combo, you don’t need to wait to set it up. Hit the enemy with that Pulse, just to keep them a bit further.
  • As with the game StarCraft, Photon Cannon is useful for stalling the lane or setting up a defense. It will clear minions rather well too.
  • In case that your enemy is doing specific objectives on the map, surround them with Pylons and throw in Pylon Overcharge. This will force them to either leave the objective or to be damaged. Both scenarios are good.
  • Whenever placing Null Gate, always angle it by the notch. This will increase the distance the enemy has to pass. Also, in case of Warp Rift, mind the position, and place it in narrow spaces.
  • Extremely agile and mobile heroes such as Zeratul are the greatest threat to this curious little probe. In general, those with good gap-closing abilities are to be avoided.

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