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Ragnaros build guide

Well, it had to be done sooner or later. Since we have an ice mage named Jaina, Blizzard thought that it would be a good idea to have one fire-based. Good call, if I may add, because otherwise, I wouldn’t write this Ragnaros build guide.

In Heroes of the Storm, Ragnaros is played as melee assassin, with a unique set of skills. Namely, he relies on towers and forts, and can play both offensively or to be great in defending. So, let’s set the world on fire, shall we?

“Our enemies exist only to burn.”

Ragnaros, the Firelord


  • Amazing AoE burst damage
  • Extremely useful in increasing pressure on the lane or efficiently defending it
  • Sulfuras Smash gives good combo potential
  • Decent self-sustain via Empower Sulfuras


  • Most of his abilities can be avoided with little effort
  • Abilities require a lot of mana
  • Not much utility besides pure damage and clearing waves
  • Survivability is at a medium level at best

So, how to play this tower-sized zippo lighter? Let me give you a few tips on this one. And remember kids, don’t do this at home!

  • If you can predict where to the opposing hero will run away, don’t be shy to toss him one Living Meteor. Just watch that hero which you are aiming doesn’t have an easy way to dodge it. Zeratul can easily Blink out of the way.
  • Sulfuras Smash is an amazing way to tell your opponents “Stay there, and let me show you my E-W-Q combo.”
  • Although it moves rather slowly, Lava Wave can sometimes catch the opposing hero off guard, if they are not paying attention.
  • Blast Wave doesn’t have that horrible cooldown, but still, it is better to keep it ready for engaging or running away.
  • Since Ragnaros cannot close the gap quickly, those heroes who are good at kiting or damaging from a distance such as Lunara or Nova are counter for him. Remember not to chase such heroes, since this is just what they want. Disengage instead, and let your more mobile allies to deal with them.

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