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Rehgar build guide

Of all units from WarCraft III, Shamans were my favorite. The whole “Earthmother”, “Elements bow to me” vibe was exciting and new to me, and they looked awesome! These units are represented by Rehgar in Heroes of the Storm.


As this Rehgar build guide will show, this is one versatile Support hero, who can bring a lot of options for building. Because of that, he is able to fit a lot of team compositions, which makes him highly recommended.

“My story mirrors that of all orcs: a tale of savagery and redemption. Perhaps… One day… I shall tell it to you.”

Rehgar Earthfury, the Shaman of the Earthen Ring


  • Ghost Wolf is unique movement ability which can be used in combat, which brings unusual dynamics
  • Has massive healing ability
  • Wide choice of talents makes him highly flexible
  • Fits almost every team composition
  • Can clean Mercenary Camps on his own


  • His most potent healing ability, Ancestral Healing, cannot be cast on himself
  • Mana hungry at the beginning of the game
  • Due to short delay on Ancestral Healing, some practice is needed to make it effective
  • Cast range of abilities is rather short

So, if you believe that Rehgar is the proper choice for you, there’s no reason not to try it. Still, here are some guidelines for his gameplay.

  • When playing Rehgar, you have to think in advance. For example, the opposing team is initiating the fight, and focuses your ally Thrall, what will you do? Although the Warchief can hold on his own for some time, he will need your assistance. Therefore, don’t wait for the right time to cast Ancestral Healing. It is far worse to cast it later than early.
  • Speaking of predicting, if you keep an eye out for movement of the opposing team, you can place Earthbind Totem upon which you have cast Lightning Shield in a vital location where you expect the opponent to go. This will give some zoning feature, but nothing drastic. This combo is also useful for clearing minions.
  • Ghost Wolf is something you have to learn to rely on. While it is active, it will give 75% bonus damage, which shouldn’t be neglected. This makes you aggressive support, which can coordinate with his lane partner to bully the opponent and push him out of the lane.
  • As for the enemies, always be careful about Muradin and Varian, due to their stunning capabilities. The latter is particularly dangerous because he can counter your build with his outstanding

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