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Rexxar build guide

Among all of the Orc people, our proud beastmaster stands out. First of all, he is half-ogre, half-orc (an Ogrc?!) and he is one of the best of this call. Wielding two axes (of course) and his faithful companion, bear Misha, this is Rexxar.

Now, in Heroes of the Storm, this hero is somewhat unique. The mechanics are slightly different, but all of those will be covered in this Rexxar build guide, don’t you worry a thing! So, let’s not delay things anymore, shall we?

“Your scraps will feed the beasts.”

Rexxar, Champion of the Horde


  • One of the best picks for Braxis Holdout map
  • Great in clearing waves and Mercenary Camps on his own
  • Misha has somewhat decent health pool
  • Reasonable crowd control
  • His playstyle is very flexible so that you can adjust according to the situation


  • Extremely difficult to master
  • Rexxar is weak when Misha is not around
  • Doesn’t pack a punch in the field of AoE damage
  • Forget about escaping before level 16

In case that you wish to try your luck with Rexxar (and Misha), there are some tips you need to follow. They are listed below.

  • As was the case with Abathur, you will have to play Rexxar versus A.I. for some time. Even if you are utterly confident that you have mastered it, you didn’t, trust me. This hero is rather unique, so take your time.
  • If it is possible, you should play solo in a lane. This is because you can hold on your own without a fuss, and the other hero who is solo will benefit more from a teammate than you.
  • Speaking of clearing lanes, Easy Pray is essential for obliterating minions and Mercenaries, so you should take it at level 1.
  • Although Rexxar is a pretty well-equipped hero who doesn’t have any particular counter, some heroes will cause you trouble. For example, Malthael can get some pretty nifty stacks from this situation. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will cause the team to fail, it can make things difficult.
  • If Tychus manages to make a floor mat out of Misha with his Minigun, it is highly likely that you will bite the dust soon after.
  • Micha is excellent in intercepting aimed abilities, such as Raynor’s Penetrating Round.
  • Don’t forget that even if you Feign Death, you can still control Misha, which can lead to some pretty nasty surprises for your enemies.

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