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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Sky Temple

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Sky Temple

There must always be a desert map in every game, and that is a fact. Luckily for players, Blizzard takes things seriously. Instead just creating a theme, they made the whole new universe of Luxoria, and Sky Temple is only one part of it. I have already mentioned one, Lost Cavern, and all of these maps are what makes Heroes of the Storm so fun to play.

About the map:

  • Size: Large
  • No. of lanes: 3
  • Realm: Luxoria (Nexus)

Objective and tips:

We already have several maps which feature building damaging mechanics, such as Blackheart’s Bay. Although you may think that this map is the same, its design is unique.


Namely, there are three shrines which will periodically activate, and it is up to you to kill its guardians and remain near it, while it shoots lasers (I guess) at the enemy’s buildings. It sounds simple, but keep in mind that the best things are not complicated.


Now, after three minutes in the game, the temple mark will appear. There is an order in this chaos, so keep in mind that the first one will be either top or middle temple, the second is always bottom shrine. The third time bottom and one of the remaining two will be activated.


This pattern gives pretty good planning potential. For example, don’t bring half of your team at the bottom lane at the beginning. Just keep one hero who can hold on his own.


Besides planning on how to clear guardians, you will want to look into Mercenary Camps. This will significantly help in pushing the targeted lane. Of course, you must work fast, since Mercenaries need time to reach the targeted building.


When it comes to heroes who are suitable for this map, know that there will be ambushing a lot. Simply put, you know where is the enemy, so why not jump on him while he is occupied with the guardians?

Recommended heroes:

  • Dehaka – I said ambushing, didn’t I? There are lots of bushes on this map, and Dehaka can use them to full extent. Just keep an eye out for his Brushstalker not to be on cooldown when most needed.
  • Nazeebo – the Witch Doctor has a kit which is more than useful on this map. Expect high sustained damage, tower-isolating mechanics, or the ability to clear Camps on his own, which are excellent.
  • Samuro – in case that you want to clear guardians of the Sky Temple, Samuro can give you that. His Mirror Images will create a distraction while you keep attacking the keepers. Also, he is useful in clearing Camps.

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