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Sonya build guide

Diversity is an excellent thing, is it not? It makes things far more interesting and exciting. Take our hero for example. When someone says “Barbarian”, the first thing which crosses your mind is a towering brute with braids in his beard. Luckily, this Sonya build guide will show you that not the strongest heroes have to be stereotyped as well.


In Diablo III there’s a class called “Barbarian”, and as such, it had to be featured in Heroes of the Storm. Our Sonya represents this class, and much of that direct approach is carried into this game. She is a strong melee Warrior with an interesting set of skills.

“All who stand before us shall lie broken and bleeding.”

Sonya, the Wandering Barbarian


  • Very good in dueling
  • Extremely high single target damage potential
  • Outstanding self-sustain via Whirlwind
  • Can solo Mercenary Camps without a problem
  • Superb solo laner


  • Relies heavily on Ancient Spear
  • Susceptible to kiting
  • Cannot deal damage at range

As I said in my Beginners guide, Sonya is one of the best beginner heroes, but still, some tips are in order, and here they are.

  • Although Sonya is a Warrior, her playstyle is based on dealing damage as well, rather than just blocking it. As such, you should know that she is a standard bruiser, which means that there are some elements of an Assassin approach.
  • As mentioned, you will have to rely on Ancient Spear to close the gap fast, and because of that, it is great to have, let’s say, E.T.C. in your team. He is a sturdy tank, a role which you do not fulfill, and can lend a hand in stunning the target, making your job much more manageable.
  • Remember to keep Fury as high as possible. This is highly important when it comes to team fights since you cannot allow yourself to dive in without it. In case that it begins to drop, use Whirlwind to keep it up.
  • This feature also stacks nicely with Wrath of the Berserker, so try to hit anything (preferably opposing heroes) to keep it going. You would be surprised for how long it can last.
  • Disabling heroes are your most significant threat. Simply put, anyone who can stop you in your tracks is a potential nuisance. For example, Muradin and Uther both are packing a great set of disables, and aren’t afraid to get close up and personal.

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