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Stitches build guide

There are some heroes in Heroes of the Storm who looks like a roadkill. Disgusting, and yet, you can’t avert eyes from them. One such is our big guy here. This is Stitches build guide, prepare your hooks, and as would Ugluk would say, “Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!”. I made you google Ugluk, didn’t I?

In this game, Stitches is a frontline warrior hero with high health pool which can use his hook to disable enemy heroes or to save allies. This differs from the original Abomination from WarCraft, but never mind; he is still fun to play.

“Stitches want to play!”

Stitches, the Terror of Darkshire


  • Decent sustained AoE damage
  • Devour gives great self-sustain
  • Hook can influence positions of heroes
  • Gorge is superb in isolating high-damage heroes and neutralizing them from the fight
  • Putrid Bile is more than useful in disengaging


  • Isn’t good in clearing waves without a bit of investment into Slam
  • Besides Gorge, doesn’t have other CC abilities
  • Doesn’t have a gap closer
  • Burst damage is not his thing

In case that you wish to try your luck with this hero, here are some tips to help you.

  • Let us be perfectly clear. Every player in a game with Stitches knows what will happen. He will launch a Hook. Because of that, your aim has to be perfect. If you don’t know how to predict where the hero will be, or which one to aim, I suggest you play a game or two versus A.I., to get a feel for it.
  • If possible, ask your team to pick one or two hard-cc heroes such as Xul and to make things much easier for you.
  • Those four seconds of Gorge can seem as short period, but if you manage to trap the enemy hero and bring it behind a gate or tower, you can count on a kill.
  • Vile Gas is good for crowded fights, but remember to position in such way that you impact as many heroes as possible.
  • Putrid Bile is excellent in slowing down an escaping hero or creating space between you and the chasing enemy.
  • Beware of heroes who excel in dealing with high-health targets. Two of those are Leoric and Malthael. Also, some heroes won’t die right away and can escape death in some way. For example, Murky and D. Va.

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