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Stukov build guide

Some characters got what they deserved. Others suffered injustice and torture without any good cause. Therefore, this Stukov build guide is dedicated to one man who was killed, brought back to life, only to serve his once enemy.

Being melee support, Stukov is an interesting hero. He is one of those supports which need allies to be effective so that you will learn some pretty good team tricks with this StarCraft hero featured in Heroes of the Storm.

“The enemy wants to eliminate us? (laugh) Come, let us disappoint them!”

Alexei Stukov, the Infested Admiral


  • Stukov’s main ability is Lurking Arm, and in addition to damage, it also silences
  • Healing Pathogen and Bio-Kill Switch are fantastic sustain tools due to multi-target healing properties
  • Basic attack deals significant damage
  • If aimed well, Massive Shove can remove an enemy hero from a team fight
  • This hero has high skill ceiling, but can equally be effective for beginners


  • Not very mobile
  • Tough hero to master completely
  • Low DPS because of low attack speed, in spite of high damage of the basic attack
  • Bio-Kill Switch has a high cooldown, and if you miss it, the consequence can be dire

Our poor Admiral is challenging to play with, but this doesn’t mean that you should give up on him. On the contrary, follow this Stukov build guide, and you’ll master it faster.

  • Team composition matters when playing Stukov. Anub’arak is excellent to have on your team but will counter you when being in opposing. See to utilize Cocoon + Lurking Arm combo, and see what happens, and how to make the enemy hero disappear.
  • Cassia is another hero who works great with Stukov. Since she is strong against basic attack heroes such as Raynor and Valla, Admiral’s Lurking Arm will shut off their abilities, making her job much more manageable. Similar to Stukov, Cassia stays close to the team, which makes Healing Pathogen more effective.
  • Observe the movement of your team. See which hero stays closest to the rest of you, and target him with Healing Pathogen, since it will spread further.
  • Always use Bio-Kill Switch to heal those affected by Healing Pathogen, to make it more efficient.
  • Weighted Pustule (I know, it sounds disgusting) is good when chasing an enemy hero. It can slow him down just enough for your assassin to catch up, so aim carefully.
  • Positioning Lurking Arm properly is essential; places where enemy heroes won’t be able to go around are great, as well as for interrupting Heroic Abilities.
  • If you see Artanis, run. Now, seriously, you can’t dodge his Phase Prism nor Twin Blades. Also, Purifier Beam will send you to oblivion. Ask Varian to deal with him, if you have it on your team.
  • Assassins which can close the gap fast, such as Zeratul or Illidan are deadly for Stukov. The first one also packs Blink which makes him impossible to catch.

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