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Sylvanas build guide


Is there one thing which Arthas didn’t mess up? He killed his father, slain Uther as well, turned his people to Undead, almost killed Muradin, and turned Sylvanas into what she is now. On the other hand, if he didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this Sylvanas build guide, so yeah, we can cut him some slack.


The story of Sylvanas Windrunner is a sad one, about torture which continued even after her death, and if you wish to know more, I can suggest you play WarCraft III and its expansion, to get the full enjoyment. However, in Heroes of the Storm, she is a specialist who is very potent against towers and minions.


Quick trivia: besides Tracer, Kerrigan, and Tyrael she is one of the most favorite characters from Blizzard. (I would go with Raynor/Zeratul, Genji and would agree with Tyrael)


“Bash’a no falor talah!” (“Taste the chill of true death!”)

Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen


  • High damage output
  • Exceptionally good in clearing waves, minions, and Mercenaries
  • Highly mobile has a good gap closer and escape tactics
  • Features silencing ability which has rather big AoE
  • Her Mind Control can cause quite the ruckus among the opposing heroes
  • Mana demands are low
  • Works great as solo laner


  • Low HP
  • Primarily oriented to AoE damage, doesn’t have a good kit for single target damage
  • Somewhat weak in the early stage of the game

So, you love to wreak havoc on the enemy heroes, silence them, and then run away to eliminate their tower while they still don’t know what to do? Sylvanas can give you that, and here are some of the tips.

  • Although Sylvanas will fit almost every team due to her versatility, it is best to have another hero who is good at sieging (Probius, Azmodan, I’m talking about you). However, don’t press the lane too much, since you will open space for a gank.
  • Whenever it is possible, spam Withering Fire. It won’t cost you mana, it has auto aim and will refresh rather fast.
  • Shadow Dagger perhaps doesn’t seem as much, but remember that burst damage is not what you do. Keep hitting the opponents with it, and it will spread further. Somebody said “tight group of enemies”?
  • Haunting Wave doesn’t have impressive damage, so save it to move around. Just watch for heroes who can interrupt that such as Zeratul who will hold on like a bulldog and cannot be escaped from easily.
  • Wailing Arrow should be used primarily for hitting several heroes or interrupting vital ability.
  • Black Arrow works on towers and Mercenaries. Use this to your advantage.
  • Mind Control can be used for moving opposing hero away from a team fight, or to get him closer to secure the kill.

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