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Tassadar build guide

“En Taro Adun!” was the most glorious battle cry of the Protoss for many ages. However, there was a hero who managed to overshadow even the most significant heroes from the old times. This is Tassadar build guide, and may the Khala guide us in our journey!



Heroes of the Storm have too few Support heroes if you ask me, but still, those who are present are more than good. One such is our hero for today, Tassadar. He can protect his allies, deal damage or whatever you need for the current game. Honestly, he is one of the most versatile heroes in the game.


“The twilight is upon us.”

Tassadar, the Savior of the Templar


  • Potent shields which have low cooldown
  • Good for clearing waves due to Psionic Storm
  • Hard counter for stealth heroes via Oracle
  • Archon ability gives massive AoE damage
  • Different talent builds which are all useful
  • Superb escaping mechanism


  • Can struggle with mana usage in the early phase of the game
  • Crowd control is average at best
  • Isn’t good duelist if Archon is on cooldown
  • Needs a lot of map awareness

In case that you want excellent overall support which can adjust to any situation in the field, then Tassadar is for you. Still, I’ll give you some tips on this matter.

  • Forget about being passive with Tassadar. His shielding capabilities are amazing, so use this as much as you can. It is my preference to start aggressively. Of course, at the beginning don’t go “all in”, since you will probably lack mana for continued fighting. Activate Plasma Shield, and watch his despair.
  • Speaking of the shield, you can use it to protect your structures. You’re welcome.
  • As mentioned, Tassadar counters stealth heroes, so if you notice that Valeera or Zeratul are missing, and the team fight already began, hit that D and make his (or hers) day a living hell. Naturally, the team should focus on that target first, if possible.
  • If the things go south, there aren’t many ways you can help your team, but if both sides are mounting, use Psionic Storm to disrupt this process for your opponents. By the time they mount again, you will be long gone.
  • When it comes to counters, you don’t have a lot of them, but whenever a shield is mentioned, there’s Varian. His Shattering Throw is a hard counter for every shielded target, which prevents you from using it liberally.

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