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Thrall build guide

There are some heroes which we remember. Others we tend to forget. But few are of that kind who continue to live, no matter if they are featured in WarCraft, World of WarCraft or Heroes of the Storm. One such is Thrall.

In this game, he is played as strong melee assassin. Surely, he is fun to play, and in case that you wish to improve your game while clearing waves as the Warchief, here is this Thrall build guide from me.

“Give the Earth Mother my regards.”

Thrall, the Warchief of the Horde


  • Great regarding self-sustain, since Frostwolf Resilience gives back a lot of health
  • A lot of influence on the battlefield
  • Decent crowd control
  • Amazing in holding a lane on its own
  • Can be useful in clearing Mercenary Camps


  • Susceptible to crowd control
  • To be effective needs to be positioned well
  • Mobile enemies can kite him easily
  • Somewhat predictable style of play

Concerning style of play, here are some of the tips you will find useful in mastering Thrall.

  • Windfury gives you movement speed. This is a great tool for closing the gap or getting to safety.
  • Another thing, since Windfury gives a nice bonus to attack speed, refrain from using it when you are blinded.
  • Being strong solo laner, Thrall excels in 1-on-1 situations. Because of that, see to rotate with allies who have only one opponent in lane. This will create a better balance since you can’t deal with two opponents.
  • Earthquake is great when paired with similar abilities. For example, Jaina’s Ring of Frost, or Diablo’s Apocalypse.
  • In case that you have opponents with channeling abilities, such as E.T.C. or Li Li, pick Sundering, due to its disabling abilities. Also, it is quite useful for splitting the opposing team.
  • Heroes with strong sustainability and a lot of armor can be troubling for Thrall. Specifically, Johanna and Muradin are very sturdy and can interrupt your Heroic ability.

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