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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Tomb of the Spider Queen

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Tomb of the Spider Queen

As I said in my previous article, new worlds are what sets Heroes of the Storm aside from similar games. One such universe is Luxoria, and one part of it is our battleground for today, the Tomb of the Spider Queen. It has a unique atmosphere, events, and mechanics, which makes this map one of the most popular ones in the whole game.

About the map:

  • Size: Small
  • No. of lanes: 3
  • Realm: Luxoria (Nexus)

Objective and tips:

If you think that this is just another “gather X items to activate Y objective”, you would be partially right. In short words, this is how the map goal could be described, but there is more to it than that.


Namely, every map has minions who are moving along lanes. In Tomb of the Spider Queen, there will be spider-like minions (of course!) which will drop gems when killed. The whole point of playing this game is to collect 50 of those, and the Spider Queen named Neithis will grant your team assistance of her Webweavers, which will push lanes.


The objectives are active rather fast; merely 30 seconds into the game are needed for spider minions to appear. This means that there is no prep time, and you are thrown into the fray right away (it even rhymes).


Now, similarly to Blackheart’s Bay, you need to turn over collected gems, but contrary to the mentioned map, there are two points to hand over jewels. Speaking of which, if you kill the enemy hero, he will drop three gems, so this is another useful tactic. Once on the ground, spider gems will last for about eight seconds, so see to collect them right away.


If you acted right and got the assistance of the Webweavers, don’t leave them alone to push lanes. Your primary role is to keep the enemies away, to prolong their effectiveness. Moreover, if your team has good sieger, his assistance will be invaluable in neutralizing towers which can deal significant damage.


When it comes to the choice of heroes, besides sieging ones, strong wave clearing abilities are needed on this battleground to gain ahead with gems. Also, those who have minion quests will show their full potential.

Recommended heroes:

  • Xul – few heroes can rival our Necromancer when it comes to wave clearing. Also, with his strong lane presence, he will surely dominate the field. Moreover, since this battleground is small, it makes rotation easy. This is required for this hero to be successful, and Tomb of the Spider Queen can provide it.
  • Azmodan – the big guy has several aces up in his sleeve which makes him an excellent choice for this map. With minion quests which I have mentioned already and great long range damage, Azmodan will surely shine on this map.
  • The Butcher – another hero who will benefit from heavy rotation which is often practiced on this map, the Butcher will also need stacks of Fresh Meat. These will be gathered together with spider gems. Add good ganking potential to the mix, and you got one hell of a champion for this map (pun intended).

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