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Tychus build guide

Where there is light, has to be dark as well. And nothing shows this better than the contrast between Jim Raynor and our hero for today. He is notorious criminal and an antihero. This is Tychus build guide. There won’t be any whiskey, so Mr. Findlay might start shooting things. You have been warned.


Originating from StarCraft Universe, Tychus fit the world of Heroes of the Storm perfectly. Here, he is a ranged Assassin, who will obliterate anything in his way. He particularly shines against high-health heroes. The bigger the BOOM, the happier he is.

“They say odd objects attract gunfire… And that red team sure looks pretty odd to me.”

Tychus Findlay, the Notorious Outlaw


  • Can be really good wave clearer
  • Shines against tank heroes and has high sustained damage
  • Pretty useful in kiting
  • Both Heroic abilities are extremely useful


  • Not very good regarding burst damage
  • Main damage-dealing abilities can be interrupted
  • While dealing damage via Minigun remains stationary and vulnerable
  • Low range, concerning he is a ranged Assassin

If you don’t know how to help Mr. Findlay to reach the opposing Nexus, here are some tips to help you on this matter.

  • As said, Tychus is not very mobile without abilities, so if you need to move around and attack at the same time, Overkill is the way to do so.
  • During this ability, you can use Frag Grenade. It is a fantastic displacement tool, which will serve the purpose whether you need to create a gap between you and chasing an enemy or to throw it closer to you.
  • Don’t waste your mana on just any target. Keep in mind your purpose. You are a big baddy who is here to bring down even bigger baddies. Therefore, leave Minigun only to be used on high health heroes. In short, if you see Stitches or Diablo, spray away!
  • In case that you need to get out of the tight spot, use Run and Gun. It is a simple dash but can be a lifesaver.
  • Commandeer Odin should be used at the beginning of a team fight. If used later, the enemy might just ignore it.
  • When it comes to the other Heroic ability, Drakken Laser Drill should be placed off to the side, so that it is not destroyed right away.

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