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Tyrael build guide

Some heroes are cool, others are memorable, but only a few managed to be both of those. This is precisely the case with our hero for today. Welcome to Tyrael build guide, and don’t tell me that this video doesn’t send the shivers down your spine. Prepare your wings; we’re gonna soar some incredible heights.


First introduced in Diablo II, Tyrael was an Archangel of Wisdom, and I remember him from that time. It was my greatest pleasure to find him in Heroes of the Storm, where he is played as melee Warrior fitted with amazing mobility.

“I will bring order to chaos.”

Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice


  • Can be played as offensive and defensive hero through respective builds
  • Boosts teams movement and gives the shield
  • Can solo lane pretty effectively
  • Both Heroic abilities can be useful
  • Superb mobility for a Warrior


  • Not very good when being the only Warrior on team
  • Mana hungry
  • Exercise needed to be a good initiator
  • Not every team fits him

Not every hero is played the same way. Heck, the same hero is played each game differently. Therefore, here are some tips to help you.

  • As I said, Tyrael is not very good when played as solo Warrior. Thus, you should always have another, tankier ally. Probably the best ones for this purpose are E.T.C. or Muradin. They are much tougher to kill and can occupy enemies attention while you dive at the backline where Tyrael shines.
  • One of the best Tyrael’s abilities is El’druin’s Might. Since it can be seen easily, it is a useful tool for feinting. You throw it one side and go the other.
  • If you have decided that Sanctification is the best for the current game, don’t waste it right at the beginning of a team fight. Wait and expect for the moment when the enemies will throw all they have. This means Heroic abilities, combos, and other high-damage procedures.
  • In case that you want to frustrate your enemies (and we know that you do, this means victory), throw Holy Ground at the center of a Mercenary Camp, to steal it.
  • When it comes to counters, watch out for Varian. Our noble king packs a nasty combination of stuns and taunts, and in the end, will throw Shattering Throw to shut you off completely. If you have Valla on board, she will have to deal with him.

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