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Tyrande build guide – Owls and arrows everywhere!

There is no better leader of the Elves besides Malfurion Stormrage than Tyrande Whisperwind, the Priestess of Elune. She is one of the best-known heroes from the WarCraft Universe since there was no significant event without her included.

No other game represented her attitude better than Heroes of the Storm. Declaring as a support, she has such diverse kit that Ms. “I-can-hit-an-apple-from-your-head” is a quite exciting champion to play.

Let’s get to this Tyrande build guide, shall we?


  • Fantastic scouting tool which damages the hero it hits
  • Freedom of style of play
  • Hunter’s Mark is very useful in team fights
  • High damage output for support hero
  • Lunar Flare is powerful disabling tool


  • No escape skills
  • Lunar Flare is sometimes difficult to hit, which means trouble for new players
  • Small healing percentage in the early game phase
  • Not skilled in clearing waves of minions
  • Player must keep an eye on the minimap all the time

Tyrande build guide tips

There are some tips and tricks you can use to your advantage, and lemme share some with you.

  • If you have never played Tyrande before, don’t rely on Lunar Flare too much in the first few games. Of course, don’t avoid to use it, but be aware that mastering this skill can be difficult, so don’t stress if you can get it to hit the opposing hero.
  • Spam Sentinel and Light of Elune as much as possible. These two are falling into the support role and can heal you or your companion, and give you much-needed map awareness. So, shoot that owl and wave that Nova sitting in the bushes while you retreat.
  • One of the most influential abilities is the Shadowstalk. You can use it to escape or to turn 4vs4 team fight which the opposing team thought would be a piece of cake to your advantage.
  • Hunter’s mark is useful both for laning phase and for clearing camps, so don’t be shy to give your team a boost.
  • Don’t get caught. Again, this will require both map awareness and skill in positioning, since if the opposing team gets to you, there are slim chances of survival, especially if your Shadowstalk is on cooldown.

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