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Uther build guide

Where is dark, there is light. Where is death, there is a resurrection. And when there is an opposing assassin hero focusing you and peeling off your health bar, there is Uther the Lightbringer to save you from despair.

Acting as a teacher to Prince Arthas Menethil in WarCraft franchise, he transferred his role as healer, protector, savior and overall great support in Heroes of the Storm. Here’s this Uther build guide which will help you to be better in playing as support.

“As I live, Lordaeron will never fall to your wretched Scourge!”

Uther the Lightbringer


  • Has an effective crowd control
  • High healing skill
  • Hand of Protection is a great ability which can turn the tables in battle
  • Boosts armor for allied heroes in the field of effect
  • Heroic Abilities can be adjusted according to the situation


  • High mana demand for abilities
  • Not very strong in clearing waves
  • Low damage

Uther may be one of easier heroes to play, but still, here are some tips on how to be effective.

  • Since Holy Light has a high mana cost, think who to heal. Heroes such as Illidan which is often focused on by the opposing team are good targets to support. Also, you will have to be quick, and not to let ally to fall.
  • Holy Radiance can help you to add armor to your team by applying Devotion. It will also deal damage to opposing team, so make sure that when team fight begins, you have it at the ready.
  • Hammer of Justice is great for crowd controlling and make sure that you use it against high-priority targets, such as Illidan, Alarak or Zeratul. That short interruption can give your team decisive advantage.
  • Divine Storm is another crowd control tool, so combine these two with small time window between to prolong their time.
  • Fight initiators, such as Kerrigan benefit from Divine Shield and make sure you apply it while they are charging the enemy.
  • Even if you get killed, remember that you will stay as a ghost for eight seconds. This might not seem as much, but remember that you can still heal allies while in ghost form.

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